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  1. I usually see what a similar car retails at on Autotrader and pay exactly that figure at BCA (plus the fees of course)
  2. I had just noticed this sponsored add at the top of my Outlook email account. Could it be the same outfit back in business?
  3. Assuming you know the old registration number, if not a HPI check will tell you, take a punt and get those plates made up and displayed and advertise, its unusual for the old number not to be reused. When you sell and take deposit explain to your buyer that you will change ownership of car into their name at point of sale (on this occasion it would be helpful for collection to be a week later) The V5C will then be with the new buyer, they bring this to you when they collect and you can retain the plate then and 'I think' change entitlement to the plate to yourself at that point but don't quote me on that. Hope this helps. Just noticed the above reply which says the same thing in far less words.
  4. Yes, signed up a couple of weeks ago. My feed should be via our website which is AA, for some reason they are dragging their heals to set up so FBA are taking a feed via Autotrader. I have stopped advertising with AT so having to upload stock manually to dealer portal and they are taking a feed from there. Seems to work, no proper enquiries yet however.
  5. Had this at the weekend, have a look in historic stock, if it is in there I don't think there was a button to make live again so I deleted it, re-entered the reg number/mileage and all the details appeared back in stock.
  6. Yep, the European Payment Directive 2018, I have got to know it like the back of my hand, takeaways, village shop, even my kids school have had both barrels of my well rehearsed speech seeing as I have to live by it. You simply cant charge a fee for different payment types. Car Giant do however get away with charging for set up of your own finance so I would think that is ok?
  7. I can't help with what size of unit you require, but I remember from a previous post that the problem with your neighbour is easily resolved with frozen sausages and a mallet.
  8. Have a look at Facebook recovery backloads (or similar) groups and pop the job on there.
  9. I have a 3.5 ton transporter, previously had 7.5 ton slide beds. The long and short of it is you need a operators licence, CPC and tacho for any transporter / recovery truck / trailer combination over 3.5 ton train weight. If you have a CPC you will know this as its part of the course. Even a 4 x 4 with a car trailer needs all of the above if you are moving cars as part of your business activity. There are exceptions such as caravans and plant etc but the DVSA have long been all over this. Going back to the original question the viability depends on your stock mix. We have a 65 plate Crafter with a full alloy body, no spare wheel and stripped back as much as we could and that carries 1500kg with me in it. If you want to carry anything bigger than lets say a Golf / petrol 3 series then you run the risk of hitting problems. Fuel wise we get 30 mpg empty, 24 mpg loaded. If you are going to build one it might as well have a winch (just in case) that will need a LOLER certificate annually. If you move any cars with it for someone else you need to add hire and reward insurance, if you do recovery you will need to add that to your insurance plus goods in transit insurance for your own cars. It all ads up in cost. Build a good one though and it will really hold its value and you will never look back.
  10. And the result of all this bad management, bad policies, bad staff and bad stock is...…..
  11. Roughly 15 minutes, it doesn't like being run constantly as they get too hot however it comes with two batteries. I would use a larger mains powered mop for a whole car but for contained areas or areas you would struggle with a larger tool they are ideal.
  12. I'm a little late coming to the party on this one but for what its worth if a hand held polisher is useful to you then I highly recommend the AC Delco Li-on 10.8V mini polisher, I use mine daily and far more convenient being battery powered. The Autel MD808 Pro is a good value scan tool with free updates for life and has service functions like EPB, reset etc. For upholstery I use a brush, new sponge and a bucket full of upholstery cleaner and wet vac it out with a Karcher WD2 then put a dehumidifier in the car overnight. Hope this is useful.
  13. OMG...its take me half an hour to read this thread as I also work from home, but have to say it was worth every second just to hear about frozen sausages!
  14. I guess its the that knowledge that makes it worth that much to them, its needs to fetch top retail wherever it ends up to be worth a punt. I looked at it and thought I would end up running it myself in the end as it would stick like the proverbial to a blanket here.
  15. I offered £6000 plus £400 over allowance as it was against a 66 plate Golf Tdi I want shot of with the plan of tidying it up and service etc and blowing it out at £7399 ish as there are a good selection of decent metallics at £7999 good dealers within 30 miles of me and didn't want to get stuck with it. Any way told the customer to go to WBAC to see how if he could get more and I would give him £400 off our car. He bought ours today, showed me he got £6840 for it...Bingo. Question is could WBAC turn a profit on that machine? I feel I've been lucky on this occasion that the customer came back but if every customer puts their details into WBAC its going to be a uphill struggle.