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  1. Afraid to say they will use the 'static check' response. I'm surprised they are sending someone out, I'd be interested in the outcome, can you let us know please.
  3. Anyone having problems with BCA Assured. Bought a 12 grand car front tyres listed as 5mm across the whole of the front tyres, turned up and both outside measurements were less than 2mm, sent a picture of the car with a digital tyre depth showing the measurement. Submitted the claim and got a reply 10 days later to say they wanted a video!! It's not practical to have cars sat around waiting for them to respond so prepped the car and kept the tyres as evidence. Still heard nothing back. Covid 19 has affected everyone but it's all you get from them, I have to say they were just as slow pre covid. This is just one instance of the service you get from BCA Assured, I've had loads of problems with BCA cars but get frustrated with being told, 'static check' or 'it doesnt change the grading'. The only thing about BCA assured is you can rest assured you'll be kept waiting and get nothing back. Good Luck all. Arthur Thicken......
  4. No they didn’t but the issue is how they respond to dealers who have no income during lockdown. In normal times it worked. The grant was based on rateable value you your premesis
  5. Yes I applied for cbils and got it also got the £25k grant. This all leads on to my next question.. So saying dealers will milk cash and go bust, not so easy. Receiver comes in and sees you've made yourself a preferential creditor and makes you pay it back or could seize assets if you try and hide it. Next, personal guarantees for stocking facilities a lot of businesses in all sectors will do bust, through no fault of their own, do you think it right or wrong for them to be pursued personally for something which isn't their fault. Equally you could argue it's not the creditors fault either. Will there be court cases with creditors pursuing directors personally, will legislation follow making it more difficult??
  6. we've got facilities amounting to 1.5 million so a bounce back loan isn't going to be sufficient. I engaged with them from day 1. All they keep asking is have you had any government money, that's because they want it. Not sure loans we handed out like smarties. I got a CBIL through my bank, it was over £100k I had to provide more info than ever before. Business plan and cash flow forecast for the rest of 2020 and a full year of the same for 2021. It had to be a work of fiction, who knows whats coming??
  7. Good Morning all, hope you are all safe and well. We've been closed for 6 weeks now so no income. We have stocking with BCA partner finance and next gear capital. If like me you have stocking facilities with them, are you finding them helpful or difficult? One of them said if I didn't agree to a payment time line they would be picking up keys and log books. I though this harsh to say the least in the times we are in. Good luck all. Best Regards. Arthur..
  8. Well we are 6 weeks into the challenge and can't continue with it any longer. The site that cancelled Motors and stayed with Autotrader has continued with the normal volume of sales, even looking like it will increase a little this month, so that site won't be going back on Motors. The other site that stayed with Motors and came off Autotrader.... sales down 10 units last month and going the same way this month, if not worse. So there you have it AT seems to be worth 10 units per month, about a third of our sales on each site. Will be going back to Autotrader and reviewing Motors as I've just checked 'the eye' (motors system) and we've had 3 calls this month, two were from the same person. We all have to make our own advertising decisions, I've made mine. Arthur Thicken, hoping to drive the sales back up..
  9. Going to Spain later this week, been asked to dispose of a SL55 AMG for a client out there, not one for me, its done 82,000 miles, full Merc History, on a 58 plate (will be when re registered in UK), seen some photos but not seen paperwork yet, only down side for me, its gold. It is a right hand drive but currently on Spanish plates. If anyone has an interest in it message me and I'll get back to you when I've seen the car, driven it and checked history etc. Not sure if I'm 'allowed' to put this on this forum but if you're interested let me know. Arthur Thicken, driving the prices up..
  10. I would stick with your gut instinct, i control is a waste of time, will tell you to buy certain cars then tell you to reduce them every 5 minutes because someone else is ten bob cheaper. You’re either a car dealer or you’re not, if you need I control (which I’m sure you don’t) you’re in the wrong job.
  11. The rep from AT called me today to see if she could do anything, talked all over me and didn’t listen, I said ‘you know I’ve cancelld, what do you want, why have you called?’ She said she’d emailed me the analysis template to complete. These people are in denial, they don’t listen. Whilst she was rambling on I said the only thing you can do is stop charging more to advertise less cars.. anyway I’m in Spain and a bit pissed so excause my shite post, hope you all have a good Easter weekend. Arthur Thicken driving the prices down (in Spain)
  12. There is something starting to bother me about this, it would be good to see dealers get price reductions by either saying they’ll cancel or reduce their package, my concern is AT won’t care and will actually put the prices up of the franchised deares who they said had cheaper deals. The last thing I wanted to do was cost anyone money, all I wanted AT to do was prove their value to dealers.
  13. We had the Mitsubishi franchise there until November, it’s now fiat aftersales, used cars, mot’s etc..