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  1. I noticed a few of the multivendor ones have an outstanding stocking finance marker on the experian checks on Autotrader. I've bought a few multivendor ones over the last couple of days, collecting next week. He who dares
  2. Mr Clarkson also dailys a Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black edition, he's hardly the guy you want to listen to about a baby SUV that he'd never buy?
  3. Maybe, could be anything really
  4. It'll always increase, shop around, find the best quote and ask your current providers to beat it, best chance of getting it down.
  5. Spend some money investing in a half decent dslr camera, saw in the reflection your using a bit of a basic one. Even a newer iPhone will take better photos and video
  6. Some of the interior photos are blurry and some of the exterior ones are over exposed (ie too bright where the suns shining on them) might be worth doing some post editing with light levels. Descriptions are all a bit lack luster, just a long list of spec options, nothing to say how the car drives or how comfortable/sporty it is for example. I'm sure others will be along soon with more advice, it is the 3rd week of Jan so everyone's skint until payday
  7. I think when I looked when I was 24, I got quotes for £6k with heavy restrictions on what could be put on the policy. Why not wait a few years until you're 25 and build up a pot in the meantime?
  8. Unless the plastic guides have snapped and/or the chain is stretched
  9. Must of had some sort of paper work to back it up, old pre online mot paperwork maybe? I can't imagine someone bidding that much for a car like that with no paperwork, then again, I can't imagine anyone paying that much for a dirty old Sierra
  10. Only 7000 miles if I remember correctly?
  11. Talking about old cars fetching mad money, has anyone seen that video on Facebook of the Sierra rs cosworth going through East anglia car auctions last weekend for £80k?