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  1. Don't forget that all important admin fee for printing off some paper
  2. Put it this way, If I went to a restaurant and they charged me for ketchup, I'd up and leave. What happens if someone won't pay for the fuel in the car? Are you going to drain it out?
  3. "I'm not a messer" "I'm in the trade" "My mates a mechanic/ In the trade" "Can you beat this fake finance quote with 1% APR even though I haven't worked in 5 years and have several CCJ's against me?" "I'm not looking to buy, just to test drive" "So are you a car dealer or just flipping these for a profit?" "Do you take paypal?" "Can I have it next week without leaving a deposit?" "Can I pay you £10 a week?" "Can I take it away now if I pay you half now and the other when I get paid" Take your pick
  4. Sticky EGR Valve, coked up intake, glow plug / glow plug relay problem, take your pick
  5. You need to send them a request via autotrader with their name and email. Click on the 3 dots to the left of the pic of the car on the main stock profile screen, should come up with edit vehicle, boost vehicle and request review. And before you say it, yes, I sell alot of M Sports
  6. Picture quality on desktop is absolutely awful, makes all the dealers on there look like they use cheap cameras!
  7. I noticed a few of the multivendor ones have an outstanding stocking finance marker on the experian checks on Autotrader. I've bought a few multivendor ones over the last couple of days, collecting next week. He who dares
  8. Mr Clarkson also dailys a Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black edition, he's hardly the guy you want to listen to about a baby SUV that he'd never buy?
  9. Maybe, could be anything really
  10. It'll always increase, shop around, find the best quote and ask your current providers to beat it, best chance of getting it down.
  11. Spend some money investing in a half decent dslr camera, saw in the reflection your using a bit of a basic one. Even a newer iPhone will take better photos and video
  12. Some of the interior photos are blurry and some of the exterior ones are over exposed (ie too bright where the suns shining on them) might be worth doing some post editing with light levels. Descriptions are all a bit lack luster, just a long list of spec options, nothing to say how the car drives or how comfortable/sporty it is for example. I'm sure others will be along soon with more advice, it is the 3rd week of Jan so everyone's skint until payday