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  1. Hi A+S, Most dealers in our area are answering phones etc still but telling customers they are closed. We got an Email from Logistics that said that online buying and delivery was allowed, Customer must buy car then get it delivered to them offsite etc and sent us a letter template for distance selling etc. Whats everyone else doing?
  2. Great to see everyone is having a good month What kind of numbers of stock are yous guys carrying vs sold units? We have are on 56 This month and have 100 Online. We have done 50+ every month so far this year with 75 Units but stepped up to 100 units this month for the first time
  3. Hey Guys, While on the Autotrader Topic... How much yous pay for 100 Cars? Car Gurus For 100 Cars? I use USEDCARSNI in N.Ireland and pay £3000 every quarter and was paying £400 a month on Car Gurus but they tried to increase to £700 and I pulled the pin. Defiantly noticed sales down this past 2 Weeks since dropping CarGurus, Think I’m going to get back on board so wondering if anyone got a deal from them?
  4. Lol, Yes was good for a change. The car dealer is usually fobbed off and expected to accept it and not argue!
  5. Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the replies. I thought id come back with an update. BMW tried to get me to go through my insurance but i stood my ground and said it was a design fault and that it was up to them to sort it out. They send a technician to N.Ireland from Mainland UK who did an Engineers report on it. They rang to say that the report was inconclusive!! Lol But as good will they would buy the car off me! It traded @ £3400 i thought id chance it and ask them £5000 which was retail. They transferred the money within a few days! Many Thanks For Help
  6. Hey guys, Looking some advice, I traded in a 2011 316d in about 10 days ago which caught fire today. I was sitting in the office today and the alarm started going off, When i went out i could see flames coming out of the dash. Car was sitting locked for about a week and 100% hadn't been tampered with in anyway. I was wondering what way i stand, all the flames were coming out of the fusebox and i rang BWW who said there was a recall on and they asked had i rang my insurance?? Many Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, Ive had a break in and two vehicles stolen, How likely are insurance to hassle me regarding the keys etc? It doesn't say anything in my policy regarding it? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the advice guys yes he had the jeep for around 10 weeks, The problem is he was back within a day because his alternator wasn't charging so he is trying to say that their were faults in the Jeep at time of sale etc. He has agreed to let me fix it after i offered him a refund minus £900 for his driving but i wish he would have taken it as in my experience once a customer feels he's bought a 'Bad Jeep" its a long 6 months!! Lol
  9. What facts would you like added Arfur?
  10. Checkout lad All Cars PDI'S Arfur, I don't think it matters who is or isn't at fault if a customer wishes to exercise their right to a refund a trader has the right to ask for an allowance under the CRA?
  11. Hi Guys, I have a customer who i believe is going to contact me looking a refund on a Jeep that broke the Oil pump tensioner wreaking the engine. Quick question if he asks for a refund under the CRA what would be a reasonable charge to ask him. Im hoping he will let me fix it but hasn't been playing ball so far. He has done 2400 Miles on a 92k Range Rover Sport at £9300? Many Thanks
  12. Hi its a 2007 2.7D With A Full LR service
  13. Argue, Would that not need to be on the sales invoice at time of sale??
  14. Hi everyone, I sold a Range Rover Sport around 2 months ago and the customer has done approx 2400k miles, It was sold with 95k on the clock. It had a full Land Rover history including belt 30k Ago, The customer rang me to say that it had just stopped, He got it recovered at a cost of £250 even though we had recovery on his warranty policy (Which he void by telling them he had it on his insurance) which we paid to calm down the situation. After stripping the 2.7 Back we have noticed that the tensioner has broken off the oil pump and engine is wreaked! Where do i stand? I have a massive bill of around 4k which i know i am going to have to suck up but surely that is a wear and tear fault and he couldn't ask for a refund??