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  1. Exactly. I had stopped using them before going appointment only for the same reason. Personally, I think stock looks better all neatly lined up with price boards and silent salesman in the windows but it was just another thing to do. If I had your army of staff Rory, I would be tasking someone every day to marry the stock pricing to the boards, it looks so much better IMO.
  2. I bought a load from Ebay, self cling ones. Since then, I have gone appointment only so there is no need for price hangers, window stickers et al.
  3. I'm well on my way to Youtube fortune. I now have 6 Subscribers and I bet they all reside here
  4. I only read Big Mike's column and see whether I have made printed forum fame. It's not about having a mag to read for me, it's about paying something for this forum.
  5. I have just said exactly that to the Mrs.
  6. Are you secretly an estate agent, using one of the "locked-down" show apartments pretending to be a journalist?
  7. I've just realised I am still autosubsribed from last year, so now having subscribed again, I will have two copies. I am happy paying £100 a year anyway, well worth it.
  8. That was a good one James and how humble is Mike Brewer, considering he must have amassed a small fortune by now.
  9. Only you TV. Me, I would have bullshitted and blagged that it was mine
  10. I personally would not print a magazine, just a digital copy for £50 a year. Or if people are insistent on a tangible copy, then that's £100 a year. Just this second renewed by subs and it was less than £50. What a bargain, even if it is just for Big Mike's column.
  11. For all forum members who don't subscribe to the magazine, I think we all should. Many of us pay thousands a year to advertise our cars and this is something like £50 a year a no brainer. I know what I would be telling Farnborough International by the way, time to find another venue hastag shortsighted. Good luck.
  12. Thank you for your frank explanation. To be honest, I hadn't considered CDX or the awards. Hopefully, you can batten down some hatches, furlough the staff (I guess you have) and minimise outgoings. I just thought the fixed costs would be relatively low as things like CDX only cost when they go ahead. All my best James. PS: I would be making the subscription of the magazine a requirement to gain "free" access to the forum by the way. It may get rid of some spammers too.