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  1. It sounds better than it is Noa. Truth is, we bought a house at the very end of a cul de sac. One side of the road has mainly large Victorian houses (no driveways) and my side, every house is different (all with driveways), I am presuming some self build scheme in the 50's. Our house has the suffix "A" but there is no 1 or 1B. I asked a neighbour (been here forever, now 85) as to why we have a suffix. He said that our plot was originally destined for two dwellings but they never built the second one, hence why we have such a large driveway and land (the reason we bought the house). It is, nothing flash at all though, so keep you imagination realistic I have great neighbours that isn't an issue but I never liked strangers coming into my home whereas the next place will be large enough to distance customers from the actual house yet I would still be at home and the whole property could be walled with big gates (wouldn't suit my current set up). Plus, I (sorry we) are big drinkers and we lack a nice country pub within walking distance, albeit we are on the edge of countryside. Most importantly though, why pay rent when I can mortgage a property which I will eventually own?
  2. I can currently get 12 on the driveway/garage but with some works, that number could go way up depending on how much garden we want to sacrifice. But so will the one I would be selling, so it is all relative. I just love the idea of having a proper outdoor space with no immediate neighbours and a seperate office/unit away from the main house but within the same grounds to capitalise on anti social hours without inconveniencing myself.
  3. I had started that process (in theory but very realistic) until this crisis hit with a target date of September 2021 (the date of my 3 year breakout clause from the lease). We had identified a potentially suitable property, a big ex-farm house of which most the land/barns have long since been sold off for development but still retains a decent plot of about 1.5 acres, just off a main road (easy to find) and an existing large outbuilding which could be redeveloped (STPP) to house around 15-20 cars. At the moment it is a pipe dream. The only thing that goes through my mind (bearing in mind that to fund this purchase would be existing equity plus a large mortgage equal to my current mortgage + my unit rent costs). What happens if I fail to obtain planning permission? Or what if I "wing it" then get shut down.
  4. I was talking to my Dad (on the phone) last night. He starting telling me (he used to run several businesses) that one needs to plan for lack of sales, build reserves etc. He is right of course, generally speaking but then I reminded him. My turnover is anywhere between £50k and £150k per month. My monthly costs are between £10-15k per month (fixed costs + whatever stock funding is due payment). This is the nett margin (from the metal) I need from the turnover to pay myself a wage (to pay bills at home, as if I was employed), my valeter a wage, rent, insurance, advertising, stock fund capital repayments. Most months it is manageable, tight but doable. I told him I have 3 months worth of reserves to cover zero sales for the same period, explaining when your fixed costs are so high, there is only so many months money I can tuck away for a rainy day. I think it opened his eyes a little to how cash flow dependant this business is. I have no doubt that I have enough reserves to get through the initial lock-down but when I start trading again, I will be so close to the wire that the enjoyment will be completely gone, living in fear as to whether today is the last day. I still say, well done to the government, NHS and everyone else trying to resolve this terrible situation. I will be the last to complain, even if this crisis takes all my money because there is far, far worse situations. I am sat in a warm house, large garden, only one adjoining neigbour, recently installed Sky TV, a great girl friend who is like my best mate, my border collie and a few months money to live off (for now). I am also fortunate that my kids have grown up and have their own houses (and children) and are safe and well. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to entertain a couple of bored kids. Like I say, it would be wrong of me to complain when people are losing the battle.
  5. I am sorry, I also disagree. Personally, I will get nothing as I fall in the 20% category. That said, the government has my full respect, I think they are doing an amazing job in pressing times. You cannot please all of the people all of the time and even if this bankrupts me, people have lost far more. If these people get £800, it is fair to assume their other half will get at least the same or if they earn benefit due to a number of issues or young children, they remain unaffected.
  6. Personally, I think this is more likely. The investors are faceless individuals driven by profit, not what people are saying about them on social media. I am sure it didn't help. I for one am getting plenty of enquiries. I haven't responded to a single one because I think that is doing my bit for our health and economy long term. The answerphone message does explain everything. Still getting what is your best price for cash questions. I am not risking my health for a decent wage, let alone deal with bottom dollar offers.
  7. I would be looking at a "big group" Kwik Fit for example is a good one. Rent paid on time (COVID 19 aside) and no concerns about upkeep, or midnight flits.
  8. Was that the beige piece of shite which they literally dragged out of a garage? What a joke.
  9. The eye opener for me was 0.8% profit vs. 10% operating costs. Very interesting and what a business. Nice bloke too, glad I have bought a few of their swappers in.
  10. No. You're trying to have your cake and eat it. Unlike most of us, you are still earning at least 80% of your salary. Most on here will be earning sweet FA and even if they do offer some "wage" support, what about my rent, advertising (after the free period), insurance et al. Be happy with the position you are fortunately in (guided by people on this forum, myself included to hold off resigning).
  11. So Ebay has announced. Free April and 90 days payment terms for March. Does that make Ebay the winner?
  12. I don't even bother with using the featured settings. Just attracts even more nonsense.
  13. On the surface, I think this looks a pretty impressive gesture. However, I imagine AT are worried that many will cancel their package and may not return after the crisis is over. Is this a tactic to keep people on the hook for another couple of months before cancelling. If businesses reopen in a couple of months, they will have retained a good percentage of those lured to stay contracted for one free month, after which, surely they will have to pay two months together for the defered month of March - ouch?