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  2. The shorts guy especially if he's the look at me type with collar turned up, pikeys, not all but most Eastern Europeans, Russians, middle Easterns, southerners, the Welsh, jocks, Middle Lane hoggers, people surprised when the red light they're waiting at turns green and takes them an age to set off, women who have to russle thru their bag then purse then many sections in the purse to find a card, same women takes an age paying for fuel then 5mins taking coat off, putting bag away getting into the car and actually driving off from pump..... Breath.... Politics, politicians, lefty loons, religious nuts , religion, silly rules and laws, anyone with no common sense and finally the Mrs once a month.
  3. Ffs Benni boy, starting off you ain't got the pot to waste on rectifying shite, said it many times you've got to go and view them.. I was up your way (Lancaster) early Sunday morning buying a Van, was up just after 6am to get the train, on a fecking sunday. What colour is it? You may get away with a smart repair, price it right and get it gone if you get no joy from AB
  4. She's only on about £39 a bonnet... wouldnt get out of bed for that
  5. Dave Gilmours old Volvo was on ebay recently, I put a bid of £300 in I think and it sold for little more...its a right old shitter
  6. I'm pretty much only shifting volvo stuff these days and I'm loyal to no-one in the parts game, I try my local breaker first purely so I can collect it straight away, if not the usual suspects listed above, ebay of course and
  7. Agree on the above posts, it's one reason why I rarely use it, Johnny foreigner and their stream of best price? Swop for gold chain and dog messages, then they turn up and try the chip or try and pay on credit card or some other devious tact, either way they're generally unpleasant meetings, Facebook is also an option hit and miss on there, I put my smoker on there Saturday and sold to a nice Welsh bloke on Sunday, didn't even want a test drive just a view of the receipt for recent cambelt/water pump... The same car also attracted a guy called Mo and when I viewed his Facebook page it was full of quotes from the Koran and infidel rants so he got ignored..
  8. Was watching one on ebay recently, I was so tempted
  9. Last one I put on ebay auction was an old Td4 auto cat c repaired Freelander for spares or repair, the title was 'The Worst 4x4xFar' and went on to slate it, it sold for £300 more than I thought it would, 56 plate and went for what you could pick a decent one up for.. No hastle from the buyer either. Having said that the couple of times I've used it previously I've been disappointed with the bids.
  10. I know an independent inspector in Newry if that's any help?
  11. 0-60 in 4.7s and a top speed of 168mph for the under 40k 3.3 auto and still a 7yr warranty...that badge tho
  12. Haha, One reason why Ive never paid them any attention...looks alright tho.
  13. One came flying up behind me today and I thought that looks exotic wtf is it? so I moved over and it looked even more impressive from the rear then I saw the badge a fucking Kia! It was a Stinger GT Line and maybe Im out of touch with our Korean friends offerings as I've not owned one, sold one, driven one or paid any attention to them in the last 20 years but this surprised me.
  14. Paddy


    You could be right it did seem all to good a deal on the face of it, or beginners luck.....fancy completing the story of Heysham motors Benji?