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  1. I've just been quoted £120 on this one!
  2. I have a q, screenman. I’ve just bought a fiat 500. It looks like at some point the car lost its drivers side wiper but the owner continued to use the wipers anyway. Now there’s a full length arc of scratching. Can it be repaired or do I just bite the bullet and get a new screen? TIA.
  3. Agree, some of the reviews are immense, but it's not really fair so as penance for laughing I've left him a nice 5* review! :thumbs up:
  4. Yep! It was quite a giggle, managed to get the speedo to slightly higher than it’s indicated top speed too. On a downhill section.
  5. Off topic but I did Leeds to Cambeltown and back in a day last year, 6.5 hours each way. Picked up a very very cheap C1 though so it was worth the effort. Sold it within a week.
  6. I'm interested in this thread too. (New member, hi!). I deal from home part-time - yes another. Started last year as something more interesting than the day job (IT). Does anyone trading from home have any advice/recommendations? Ta!