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  1. He's an oil and gas man who was sent to Texas for around 20 years. He imported the car years ago, HMRC have not tracked him down yet! Thanks IJCS1, I will drop you a message if I get him dealt.
  2. Hi all, So I have a customer who wishes to swap in a US imported LHD 03 BMW Z4 2.5 SI with 56k showing against a stock Z4 I have in. I don't have a clue what the thing is worth and wondered if anyone can help? Thanks Owen
  3. Hi all, Have you ever heard of this one.... Bought 2 cars out of Colchester last week, a beetle cab and a golf GTI. The golf pitches up Friday with one key and a scruffy bca driver eating a bacon roll at my desk. All was fairly normal until I asked where the spare key, locking nut, V5 and service book was? As it was listed to have all these items aswell as a full service history. He tells me that that’s all coming in the post? I called transport at the block, as per....no response. Whenever I have had auction cars delivered I have always had everything come with it? Anyone else had this come in the post after taking delivery? Worried I’m having my pants pulled. Thanks Owen