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  1. Hi all I'm looking to start my own car finance company and in order to get started I will need a consumer credit licence. Just out of curiosity how did everyone get there's on here (limited or full permission)? Did you do it yourself? Or did you get help from a firm and if so how much did you pay? Thank you.
  2. Hi All Just started buying and selling from home but moving to a new house. Today I recevied the Deeds of the new property and it says no trading or running a business on the property. I guess I will have to speak to my solicitor about this but would like to know if anyone experienced this and is it something to worry about? Any advice/opinions appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi guys Thanks for the replys. Got the matter sorted now. The guy who said i should done my own checks on the car is new and got it wrong. Spoken with the manager, finance has been cleared or will be cleared next week. Now i can enjoy the weekend.
  4. Hi I bought a car from an auction site. Find out it has finance on it. Called up and they said i should have checked myself. Can they sell cars on finance? First purchase and this happens. Can i pursue this legally? Any advice appreciated.
  5. Thanks man thats what i was looking for.
  6. Do you mean the customers? How come?
  7. Looks like il be setting up as a ltd company with the accountants address as my registered business address. I do know what i am doing and been doing alot of research is this trade. The part i was unsure of is whether to have my home address as a business address. I was looking for any bad experiences from people set up from home.
  8. Thanks guys for the response. I was just thinking where I can start a business where my home or personal assets are not at risk. Setting up from home seemed like the easiest option. I was looking for situations beyond our control or a honest mistake was made. This can give me an idea of what to expect when involved in this trade.
  9. Hi all I am thinking about trading from home. What are the risks in doing this? Has anyone had any bad experiences ? I have watched tv programs where the car seller is being pursued by debt collectors and his personal belongings were at risk in being taken to be sold.
  10. Is the the same as having a ccl but named something different.
  11. Hi Matt Thanks for the reply. How so? How are they different from the other providers that provide finance such as close brothers and santander? Any info is appreciated.
  12. Hi all Please can someone help on this. Do i need to have a CCL if i refer the buyer to a credit broker? Many thanks
  13. Hi all Please can someone help on this. Do i need to have a CCL if i refer the buyer to a credit broker? Many thanks