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  1. Always offer low, it's a win win.
  2. Standard private ads seem to work ok.
  3. Agree - private is fantastic, can't beat it.
  4. Valid point but the eml should have been highlighted as being illuminated otherwise I would not have bought the car. Life goes on
  5. Superb looking car, can’t seem to shift. 84k miles, half leather. Anyone interested?
  6. They’re a bunch of jokers, not going to bother with them anymore... I’m finding DA is ok at the moment Yes, in worse condition than they’d described too
  7. What a bunch of crooks. Bought two Golf's via online auction. Both cars had a surecheck and passed with flying colours. The first turns up a couple of days later on our forecourt, eml on, turbo issue & gearbox issue. We have now contacted Manheim and they kept passing us along to the next phone number, eventually we got told that they couldn't help with any of the issues as they are not covered by the surecheck... Fact is, the eml is illuminated when on the 'surecheck' it was not pointed out. So we haven't yet paid for the second Golf as we were waiting until they rectified the issues with the first one. Anyway, a whole MONTH later, Manheim called... 'bring the car back, we'll credit you every penny'. Great, we had then planned to collect the second Golf within a couple of days. I had been keeping in touch with the chap at our local Manheim throughout the whole process and he had confirmed I was OK to collect the second Golf the following day, turn up & they say they've re sold the car and we owe them £700!!! Account suspended until we pay!! Tossers.
  8. We've been using eBay Motors Pro now for a while but the leads seem to have dropped off a cliff, we are giving Car Gurus a go - Has anyone got any experience with them? Are they worth the money?