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  1. Got him on speeddial already Justin
  2. FOOK knows, they did work fine at the start!
  3. You won't believe this chaps, C3 had been on Facebook for one day, guy comes to look yesterday and brings his mechanic mate with him, I explain the washer issue, within a minute the guy had fixed it, THE FOOKIN FRONT JETS WERE BLOCKED!! 15 minutes later they drive away in the car after buying it, sometimes this job blows my mind!
  4. I've got a multimeter @Stalker
  5. I'm thinking of either connecting a T piece or simply blanking the rear off, fookin things it's already up for sale
  6. Evening chaps, still struggling with these washers, I've fitted a new motor which solves the intermittent and wiper speed issue but I'm still experiencing the same issues with the washer jets, even after fitting a new pump. The front washers work correctly but when I try and activate the rear window jets the fronts come on, even if I swap the pipes around only the fronts work, any ideas? @Stalker
  7. Thanks chaps, apparently garage fitted a new washer pump yesterday??!! I'll check tomorrow, ordered a motor today from a 17 ds3 £130 I reset the BSI today but that'll be next port of call. I could just blank off the rear wiper and advise high speed doesn't work but how "dealer from Bradford" is that
  8. Possibly I'll double check but then if they were, the front wouldn't activate correctly when the stalk is pulled
  9. This'll be a DIY fix Mark spent enough on it already, for me it's either motor or the com2000 unit because currently the rear wash jet activates at the front not the back and the high speed front does not work
  10. Afternoon all, just bought a 2010 C3 and it's wipers are driving me mad. On journey home both front and rear washer jets worked OK but front wipers were spazzing out, on each speed they kept doing about 4 cycles then they'd stop in the middle of the screen, to get going again I'd have to switch speed via the stalk. Told garage who said they'd check... Plenum chamber was so full of water the wiper motor was more or less submerged so he took motor apart which seemed to fix it as wipers worked fine on all speeds, however the front washer jets randomly stopped working. Garage swapped washer jet hoses around so back did not work but front did. I've just collected the car and the front washer jets now don't work but back does, and high speed setting on wipers doesn't work properly. Has anyone ever experienced this with a shitroen?
  11. I have a fantastic guy I use for every job he will do it for £1 a mile transported @Tony911
  12. I was an AA BCA assured "man" for 3 years and there's guys earning 40k a year and more @ blackbushe You'd think they employed qualified mechanics to perform the tests wouldn't you?........
  13. Big difference though NACMAN cardealer5 sites serve a purpose, with all due respect your site could be built on a £50 wordpress theme with a dealer plugin installed