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  1. My dad was ex raf engineer in the 70's,ran his own garage successfully 80's/90's, I was brought up in his garage and in his audi coupe, both gt and quattro (the old skool rally dominators), he had 3 at the same time which he stripped and rebuilt, resprayed etc, every nut and bolt from beginning to end - even made his own body kits out of sheet steel back in the day when cars were truly awesome - I'm 40 btw lol
  2. Lol thank you, I've got a hate for Ford and love for vauxhall as a basic or audi for fun but being a single dad (I work full time mind you-no benefit ponces here lol) monies tight atm, my brother is on a 900 ninja, I'm going suzuki gladius 650 (love v-twins growl).... (If I called you a twat waffle would it make you feel better pmsl) If 95k is high mileage what would you call the 206k on a 1.6 petrol astra lol
  3. Wasn't aimed at you specifically, when asking for help you don't expect a cockwomble, he has no idea what I spent on it or going too either, just think he's a cock and yeah I shouldn't spoil for a fight but at the time Id literally just got the car off the recovery vehicle so the last thing I wanted was shit for brains comment. Apologies to yourself tho. Everyone seems to have a downer on vauxhall here yet my 04 astra is being scrapped tomorrow with 206k on it and still going strong, my kids have outgrown it tbh, and I've got another gearbox en route, another 10 ish hour's after it arrives and il be up and running again And yes il be fitting it myself, won't be the first time I've stripped and rebuilt a motor
  4. Thank you, although I intend to keep it as a family bus lol (that way I can justify getting my bike haha)