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  1. Blimey with that attitude its a wonder you have a business.
  2. Well if you can't be polite i thinks its for the best swearing is not big or clever.
  3. Well maybe if you would have asked in a reasonable manor in the the first place i would have told you there's no need for rudeness or swearing after all we are all on here to offer friendly advice and chat.
  4. Works out £10 per unit per month.
  5. Working from a lockup compound which costs £25 per month per vehicle so would have to sit around for a considerable about of time to erode the profit and the landowner is pretty flexible as to how many i can store on a monthly basis so no panic at all, Thankyou all for your imput its interesting to hear.
  6. Hi guys i know as traders we all love that feeling when we turn stock over in a very short space of time gives us all a real buzz, what sort of time frame would you feel a piece of stock is sticking around to long? I know we all have different views on this.
  7. Last texting messer contacted me 30 minutes before the appointment to view a van to say they weren't coming as they'd been involved in a car accident and had come outside the hospital to text me, had another enquiry on the van so took great pleasure in letting them know someone else wanted to view which resulted in a sale all in £50 pound notes and told me they'd been looking for 3 months and mine was the best they'd seen in that time gives you a warm feeling.
  8. Had a case very recently of a punter that came to view a 12 year old citroen belingo van wasn't happy to pay what i wanted for it due to some light scratching tried chipping me £250 off the asking price despite me spending over £300 on mechanical prep work had evidence of cambelt change what I explained in the politest possible way one customers idea of clean and another's can be two different things just imagine the hassle if I'd delivered it after them buying it blind can't win them all.
  9. Am finding that to be the case any punter repeatedly texting or emailing over a vehicle seems to be a waste of time the strongest leads come from a good old fashioned phone call.
  10. Thankyou for the lengthy reply Noacross was thinking along the lines of offering delivery only on the basis that the customer had already viewed and test driven the vehicle that way they know exactly its condition and the way it drives as i could quite imagine you get the wrong person buying it blind could cause issues.
  11. Thankyou for your reply Noacross have you delivery long distance? And if so does it somtimes clinch the deal?
  12. Hi all a contact of mine that offers recovery and transportation of vehicles has offered me delivery of vehicles when sold, do many of you offer this service to customers when you sell a vehicle and if so is it something that you get much call for?
  13. Sure will do what sort of budget are you looking at MrC?
  14. Yes thats right on vans, sounds like im doing the right level of prep the only one punter to complain about the condition of a van was over some light scratch marks where a previous owner had tried to remove logo stickers, had to remind the punter it was a 12 year old van for £1350 he then tried offering £1100 for it to which i replied sorry can't do it for that due to the level of prep I've spent on it, cant win them all !!!
  15. Thankyou bhm find that sole trader tradesmen are the ones that mostly ask if there's vat on top of the price Thankyou sc derby do you do any level of preparation to the part exs or sell them exactly as they came in?
  16. Great to hear both arfur dealy & mark101 do you both do much in the way of preparation to them to achieve a quick turn over?
  17. Thankyou paddy am finding the same punters are more concerned about the mechanical side than the cosmetics i out source everything to a reputable small local garage that gives them a check over and does anything they feel it needs to be retail ready before i even offer them for sale, i also compound and machine polish them when needed as with most vans are never polished after brought from new
  18. Thankyou for your comment trade vet, one of the biggest surprises I've found is distance punters are willing to travel sometimes upto 2 hours away guess thats the power of ebay
  19. Thankyou nick its interesting to know what other traders class as a good turn over time of a vehicle
  20. Hi all am new to this forum I have been trading solely in vans since setting up 16 months ago using ebay as my sales platform my average turn over time is just under 3 weeks per van, would be really interested in hearing some of your experiences in trading vans kind regards Adam