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  1. Would have though a Pro Detailer would have Trade Insurance anyway. Driving or working on other peoples vehicles, usually nice one's if they are being detailed.
  2. I used to export to Cyprus back in the early 2000s. Great money back then because of their luxury tax. Anything under 1599CC was cheap but over that was horrendous. 1.6 Volvo V40s used to make a fortune as classed as a prime car. You could buy them here and get them landed and re registered for under 2K and they would fetch 6K over there. A Range Rover commanded over 90K in taxes back thenplus the price of the car.
  3. What happens when the car you sold from his pitch comes back for warranty work or failure.? Customer will go back to the pitch and expect things to get sorted. Do you sort it out or have you an arrangement with him for this happening?
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    Rule 1........... Do some research on this site before asking silly questions.
  5. We went to a place in Daventry (Autogreen) yesterday for an interior (16 plate Corsa Special edition). Great place, Most cars under 5 years old and on racking. They go and fetch the car, you inspect whatever you are buying and they take it out. Took them 20 minutes to remove properly with no damage. £240. Cleanest and most efficient scrapyard I've ever been to. Friendly too. Not got the number on me at the moment so just google them. They do pallet and send also.
  6. We are 2 mechanics, 1 mot tester, and 1 paintshop & valeter. Our sales are a sideline to the workshop but we send all sales vehicles for MOT somewhere else as we think it can look a bit naughty if we do them ourselves. Of course they go through the shop first to make sure we have no advisories on the paperwork. We also do our own warranty work whatever it may be. Except electrics may I add. For that we use whatever make Indy specialist or auto electrician. Works for us very well. Nice team that compliment each other.
  7. Don't think you get a fully fledged quality mechanic for £20ph. Our BMW Indy is £54 vat inc.
  8. Chance you take sometimes. If he comes and is a messer you can waste his time just as much as he can waste yours. I had one last week and he was a real ball ache. Wasn't going to give him a test drive but had other things going on. I refused everything he suggested, new tyres blah blah.. came back from the drive and said can I pay by card. Left us a great review. Just shows. This guy was just a messer but once he decided he was great. Has been in since and told us the car is great and very happy.
  9. Yes...and VAT registered recent posts about this subject. Do some research and all will become clear.
  10. If the car is right before it goes then no problem anyway. Do it all properly regarding a no advisory MOT, PDI, proper invoice and sell the warranty on top for peace in the future. Winning all the way.
  11. 24 hours labour @? And Autodata says 5.6 hours. Wow. What's your guys labour rates? for me if we found we couldn't do the job in a reasonable time then off to a specialist it would go. Surely cheaper in the long run.
  12. Probably pay out on Autodata times instead of crap mechanic times.
  13. Maybe your mechanic isn't very good if he's 3 hours over Autodata times. Or doesn't have the right tools for the job. Try and Indie specialist for a better quote and a better job. We do our own warranty work. Put a pot away for everyone sold. £150 normally unless German & diesel.
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    If you thought they was a problem before they bought it you should have f****d them off pal. Have confidence in what you sell and try hard not to sell to imbeciles. Not worth the pain.
  15. We've got one down the yard. 13 plate...head gasket failure. How long till bonfire night. Got a trader coming to view it tomorrow. Fingers crossed. He knows about the problem and says not a problem to him. Wouldnt touch another. Only heard problems with this engine from our side of things.
  16. Oh dear my weekend thing is a 3.0 Z4 I have hair though
  17. Damn right it's Friday. I'm close to being pissed already. Beer garden was great. Sold 2 today. Bought 4. + 2 PX More excited than the added stock than the sales.
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    Ours is 10+2. We still do eBay for the shitters and it drives us mad but it gets rid of them. Had a slippy clutch clutch when it came but we have the garage with 2 ramps, we have another unit down the yard for paint and then the pitch. Can change into different workwear 3 times a day but keeps everything in house..
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    Will send ours to auction at the end of the month. We have a 12 car package on AT and this is taking valuable space.
  20. Think some of us would be in jail by now.. glad things have have moved on/ cleaned up. Wouldnt like to be starting now so to all you new guys, well done for giving it a go.
  21. This game is always a pain in the arse but the buzz is still so addictive. The things we did for a sale back in the day Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll.... Even the idiots won't ever dampen my spirits
  22. Started in 1980 @ 16 valeting. Bought a Mini Van and started going around the industrial estates touting for cleaning cars. I know,16 no licence blah blah, had a good few weeks and saw a Mini 1275GT for sale. Can't remember the price but got it, cleaned it up and sold it on. Hooked. 2 years down the line I sold Gleamers car valeting for decent money and set myself up in an old farm barn buying and selling. Business was booming back then. Selling Montegos a few years later for fun then bought myself a Porsche wide body (Personal) and proper fooked myself up. Lost a shit load Got taken on by 2 gentleman who dealt in prime German stuff and learnt the trade. Set myself up again 3 years later with their blessing and their help. Have a hell of a lot to thank those 2 guys for. They were known as the underwrighters to the Motor trade. Here I am today doing the same thing to a young guy and his business no idea why, satisfies me, dont want him burnt, He's honest and does the right thing and I like that a lot jeez I'm welling up here...
  23. As I said. I don't use it. I Just remember years ago probably decades ago someone used it on a 205 GTI and a few weeks later the stitching fell apart on the seats.
  24. Using any kind of TFR on seats is a big no for me. Rots the stitching on French cars especially. Imagine what it does to a customers sweaty arse. "Hello, I want to bring my car back as my arse has rotted away". Can I put a warranty claim in please? at least they wouldn't be full of shit anymore.....