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  1. Haha yeah I thought the same. That’s gonna sound really good telling the customer ‘don’t worry, if it blows up and I don’t play ball then you can go to the finance company’. Err don’t think so
  2. I agree. Bca don’t help themselves by charging us to bid online, it should be the other way around!
  3. There’s also people getting nothing, let alone £800 per month.
  4. To be fair we don’t know how long this ‘episode’ will last. AT could extend the free period next month?
  5. This made me lol! Reminded me of you and your valeter the other day!
  6. Audi?? Good luck, you’ll need it
  7. That’s the last time you’ll ever hear that mans voice lol.
  8. What kind of success rate are you guys having when the opening line (over the phone) is ‘hi, what’s the best price on this car?’ I’ve had it loads recently and they’ve been nothing but time wasters
  9. How did you get on with this? I’m thinking of ordering one as I currently have a few cars that smell of smoke
  10. Autotrader, without price markers and other BS stats etc. For free
  11. I dont totally agree here Justin, with fb the aim is to generate 'organic reach' which is basically free advertising. If an 18 year old gets a nice car in his feed he/she will likely comment or 'like' the advert which will in turn appear in all their friends feeds too, ie organic reach. I think targetting youngsters with expensive exotic cars is clever for the reason mentioned above. Kids will engage in it, a bit like having a poster on the wall as a kid! They do this stuff on their phones now. Not that I sell exotic cars like this, far from it actually lol. I just see the method in the madness!