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  1. Good luck, it's getting hard to find good premises ...
  2. I think most houses have some kind of rule attached to them these days. I worked for home for around 5 years, and the house has similar covenants. I only kept a couple of cars at home, rest in a nearby Hotel carpark , viewings by appointment etc ??? I had the council round once, he could see that I was trying to avoid upsetting neighbours, keeping it small etc. That's was that, he never bothered me again.
  3. I don't do Sundays, haven't got the patience. I also find if you set a close time on Saturdays, say (2.0pm) , most people who really are serious will book an appointment in advance, so these are the ones to concentrate on. I find most customers on Sundays are just at a lost of what to do for the day, so go and test a few cars, usually bringing the whole family … I am sure I miss a few sales, but it seems to work ….
  4. Hello, I'm new to this forum. I have been dealing in classic cars, modern classics for 12 years. Interesting reading your posts, same issues it seems whatever cars you sell ... Today's favourite email from eBay, 'what's your best price mate', on £57k car from zero feedback ebayer ? How do you keep you sense of humour ?,