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  1. I've been informed Cox Automotive ( Manheim & Dealer Auction) own 51% and Autotrader own 49% of the platform. Autotrader are using the new Dealer Auction platform to promote dealer stock sales / movements, Dealer Auction Sales, Manheim Auction Sales and the old Autotrademail between dealers. The biggest issue for me is it costs 12x the amount and you will still get the same badly described cars because no one wants to give up good retail stock!
  2. 24 October - 27 November stocking 50
  3. I have the same issue with a highly specced Audi A5, received a call this morning and the customer said my car was overpriced according to AT, my response ask AT to find you one in this specification for cheaper then? I guess I will have to wait for a customer that actually understands to true value of the specification upgrades.....
  4. If you have the sticker in the service book or the sticker in the boot this is what we use.
  5. I've asked for my £99 annual fee back from DA as they have only just taken it and them POW its gone! Crazy really as they must of known this was happen but still took my £99+vat.....
  6. I wonder how many will actually sign up? The only benefit I can see is that you can actually sell cars on there where you had to be a franchised dealer on Dealer Auction? I maybe wrong as I've not signed up but thats what it looks like.
  7. Evening all, anyone signed up to the new Dealer Auction, Manheim, Autotrader platform? £99+vat for 12 months subscription which is now £99+vat a month! It's a massive increase but is it worth it?
  8. No changes to our package. We have just called Account Support and their have said it's a glitch their end and we should be live in 15-20 minutes fingers crossed!
  9. Oh well I haven't received that email but I did phone them yesterday and they said we would be receiving the offer? Strange one I suppose I will have to wait till Monday unless they are open today.
  10. Morning all, anyone else experiencing issues with their AT Double stock offer? It was meant to be live yesterday, been checking throughout the day and evening but nothing? Logged on this morning and still nothing? We did phone them yesterday and they said it was staggered throughout the day but that was yesterday? Anyone else experiencing issues?
  11. It's not been to bad down in the South East, just have to deal with the usual "best price for cash" messages!
  12. Just call them at DVLA, they are happy to tell you if it's in the trade.
  13. Evening all, I've been getting bombarded with Ebay sales calls to sign up to Ebay Motors & Gumtree (already on Ebay Motors). I've received an email saying they are planning new packages to include Motors etc early January. Do I wait to add Gumtree at a "reduced rate" or see what's on offer in January? Interesting times ahead especially if the whole platform takes off as there are alot of Ex AT customers waiting for the next best thing....