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  1. I was gonna suggest a hammer and a phone call
  2. I had similar on a 2013 E Class estate, advertised it with the factory Dog Guard, guy came back screaming and yelling I had stolen it from his car as it was there when he first viewed, and not there on collection day, he said he had "noticed we had stolen his Dog Guard" immediately when he got home ..................... I resisted the temptation to tell him he was a fucking twat who hadn't RTFM ............... Imagine what a twunt he must of felt when I reached inside with the Tailgate up to just behind the Luggage Roller Blind and rolled up the Dog Guard Shutter and hooked it into the Roof Receptacles !! I also took the time to sarcastically point out that Mel and I are not into conning our Customers, guess I should have expected aggro from him bearing in mind he was English and recently relocated to Plockton
  3. LOL .................. Re the DVLA & plate retention, I don't think you'll find it needs be taxed, as long as it's not had a gap in Sorn or it's also ok untaxed (IIRC) if it's In Trade
  4. If you can believe everything spouted on the news we are hearing in NW Scotland today, Nicola crusty gusset has now done a complete about turn overnight, and every fucker and his dog can now do exactly what they like Reading between the lines, she has been EMailed by Westminster, and despite the fact that some dubious figures reported suggest that the virus, (if there is such an animal and not just Govt manipulated death figures), but if there is, there are reports of Covid increases ................... So why get rid of all the rules ? Simple, they actually want a second wave, or, they have realised that they fucked up and cannae control the masses as they wished ????????????? Go get your Vaccination folks ? Make sure you don't get chipped at the same time ............... I hear you thinking this twit watches too many sci fi films ................. Yeah, but all the ones I watched years ago came true ........................ Fucked if I know, the only thing I can say with certainty is that I do not trust those who have got themselves in a position of "being in charge" Answers on a postcard please lol
  5. Fuck me there is some knob jockeys about on here these days Why don't I just buy that Car for you, ship it to USA and then when you recieve it you can send me the money .................................... TWUNT
  6. Cheapo Vodka in a spray bottle is likely more effective
  7. You're supposed to wear a mask whilst engaging in fornicatory activities, Mel had to cut a hole in hers
  8. Agreed, most folks buying cheapies, (£1500 - £2k) are actually quite realistic and if they get more than a year out of it they are well happy ................ Well that's how it works up here anyway
  9. Know what, I think all the Midgies have died of China Virus, we've had some stonking hot days recently, no breeze and no bites
  10. I could try that, yes we are both key workers, it's not reg to my business, my private Merc Collection don't go on business, but Mel runs a local small Supermarket, suppose I could say it's the Car she uses to commute and try that Thanks, I hadn't thought of that I'll get to it when I've sorted out Selwyn Froggit's Kia which is in a million bits due to EGR failed and Black Death ................. Jeez, I got a load of deceased old crap in here right now, no wonder I'm getting depressed lol