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  1. Problem is the great unwashed unmasked, (love that btw), these scuffy bastards know that it cannot be enforced / police don't bother and when shop staff question the fuckers, they just become abusive and in some cases violent. It is questionable whether you are actually (in law) entitled to challenge the knob jockeys, and although you have a right to refuse service, again it just provokes the usual toss pot piss ant confrontational responses most of the time ........... Now that likely doesn't bother some of you, especially the old skool guys like me, FFS we'll have a row with any bugger, but some people feel physically sick at the thought of confrontation, case in point Mels shop assistants two of whom have since jacked their jobs in due to it ................ Remember this is just a small local supermarket in a very rural area, so we don't exactly get fisticuffs or knives and guns pointed, but some of these bastards physically throw their shopping baskets and get very up front and abusive to the mostly female staff Funnily enough, a few weeks back when things were really bad, during the worst "peak" time for arse wipes, I went in their and mulled around with a security jacket on, (saturday arvo when the tourists are arriving), and fuck me not one of them had the balls to get all mouthy with me when I stopped 'em at the door pointed to the bloody great sign in red and told 'em, no masks no service
  2. Sadly I disagree .............. I'm not saying I support Boris, not at all ............. What I am saying is he has an impossible and thankless task which is mostly as a result of all the many inept fucktards who were voted in before him, plus the C-19 and Brexit nonesense to contend with. I gave up wasting time voting long long time ago, the UK is and has been fucked for many years and is only getting worse, IMHO it is now way past fixing However, like many of us, I just plod on, do my work and whilst I get thrashed for various tax money which is supporting the many many unworthy, like a lot of us I still get a reasonable standard of living. I don't get any of what my taxes are supposed to pay for, like the roads are shit, policing is shit, health care is shit, OAP is a pittance etc etc, but I do thank fuck that I do not live in or near a city now like many of you guys do
  3. +1 .......................... Did you hear the Boris fucktard spouting "We are relying on the common sense of the public" .................... Well that's the lot of us fucked then
  4. Every 3rd Diesel I get in for a service up here has this strange red coloured shit in it's fuel filter
  5. Everyone has said it, basically because they are ignorant selfish fucktards who know fine well the woefully inadequate Police will / can do fuck all ........... Meanwhile my partner Mel and her shop staff keep getting abused by these twunts. I swear to you all I'm gonna be the one who gets nicked soon because I'm going to absolutely demolish one of these tossers Came close a few weeks ago when some Motorcyclist was doing 3 figures through our village, he got arsey with me when I caught up with them down the road at a Cafe and told him and his mate they were wankers. Disrespectful (r)unt got all mouthy, lunged forward at me then looked shocked when he was sat on his arse with my foot on his throat If it wasn't true it'd be funny, several times Mel has had baskets of shopping hurled across the shop because they have refused to serve the mask-less bastards, the staff rung the cops, who have refused to come out because I quote "The perp will be long gone by the time we get there" !! I take it that statement would apply then if I went and blagged a few Building Societies Errrrm isn't that the whole point of having a state of the art CCTV system ???????????????? The vast majority of the UK populace are disrespectful do as ya likey bastards I do not believe Masks work, but I have one in each of our vehicles and always wear it in the shops etc out of respect for others !! Rant Over
  6. Trouble is no fucker will police it, supposed to have been wearing them for ages now in Mel's shop, the staff refuse to serve the arse's and then get a load of abuse Useless wanker Cops not interested
  7. Exactly, I've been doing that for years now, all good as long as you know what you are looking at I have never believed in selling thousands of items for hundreds profit, don't be a busy fool, sell tens of items for thousands profit
  8. /\ /\ /\ This I know an English fella bought a derelict house off the beaten track in the NW Highlands, close to me, it's Ballachulish Slate Roof was perfect tho ............... By the time the sale had gone through and he came to start restoring it, all the Slates had mysteriously been stolen from the Roof, so he set up his Static Caravan, and started the rebuild ................. Yep, you guessed it, a couple of weeks after he arrived a local Builder just happened to have a surplus of these Slates, "I've got enough to do that roof buddy" ................ He sold 'em to the fella for £2k
  9. Exactly that Mark, to be fair a lot of my Customers do apologise if they realise there wasn't a lot of fuel when they see the bill Oh man, them bloody remaps, I've recently had a bunch of Diesel Mercs with all sorts of issues, like trans shifts, cooling fans, ABS / ESP issues etc, I think there is some new twat in Inverness area doing 'em I'm certain some of these twats just buy a Chinesium KTag and then think they are a pro remapper 'cos they did their old Astra with it
  10. I'll tell ya wot boils my piss is when a customer brings a car in for work, often complex engine or running gear issues that need a lot of road testing, and the bastard light is on ................. I take 'em straight up our filling station, stick £50 in the fucker and add that onto my repair invoice with a photo copy of the receipt from petrol station
  11. Nice one David, yes there are still some decent Customers about Winner winner chicken dinner as they say in the Norwest
  12. Covid Zombie Apocalyse, all these firms have gone barking fuckin mad, from the crap you guys are describing, to just, well, a piss poor service @umesh Jepsons Plates, bejayzus, don't recall seeing one of them on a Car for decades, glad to hear they still going
  13. I used to own a Transmission Firm .................. If you can get a good used box, just go that route Make sure it is an identical model etc