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  1. The one with the BMW Diesel was a nice Car fully loaded, as was the V6 amabob, back in their hey day
  2. Hi, I got rid of the old V Class Minibus that I broke up for parts yesterday. I had filled it up with all the scrap and a few old batteries, cats etc and was just about to phone my regular guy, who often takes 3 to 4 weeks, before he is heading east with an empty wagon, at which point he'll swing by, pick it up and drop it to the Frag in Muir of Ord. Well these 2 chancers wandered in yesterday and asked if I was wanting shot of it, so I pondered for a moment, and thought what the hell, I can use the space, so I said "If your gonna take it today it's yours" ............... He went outside and drove in his lorry .......................... After about an hour of removing the 2 cars already on the lorry, putting the old bussie on, and then he lifts back the other two Cars ....................... Well I'm laughing, thinking he's bound to get tugged by the feds, so I casually said "Where you going ?? To Muir of Ord ??" as I'm thinking at least he won't be on major major roads with surveillance etc etc ....................... "Fife" he replies ................... Well that's about 200 odd miles from me !! Wonder if he got nicked lol
  3. I'm not familiar with the Viano system it may be old skool with Sensors, but a lot of newer MB's just require "Run-Flat" re starting via Dash Menu especially if it's had new tyres recently, or a Puncture Failing that it is likely a Wheel Sensor Valve if it's the old skool type with Pressure Sensors in the valves, newer Cars sense it via ABS / ESP and that is called "Run Flat" Someone with SDS can possibly switch it to not present in the version codings of the Cluster, but I'd get it read on SDS first it is likely a simple fault.
  4. Thanks for the kind words Guys Yep, I've had pets all my life, Dogs and Cats, you show them love and they return it in spadefuls. I'm still gutted about poor Puss, but the 2 new kitties have taken away some of the pain and the house is now a lively place again. Thankfully they can't go out yet, won't be old enough / neutered until September, so hopefully this bloody race track outside will be calmed down a bit !! A load of bikers came through here yesterday well over 80 mph, I tried to grab an off cut of timber to chuck at them, but by the time I grabbed a bit they were gone They went in Mels Shop 6 miles down the road, foreigners ............... We've been here 13 years now, this year is the worst for shit drivers ...................... Bloody Tourists are a PITA !! A lot of locals like us have grand children that visit often, and there are a few young couples with kiddies, it's only a matter of time before someone gets run over, I've moaned to the Cops to Police it, but as usual they are as much use as a chocolate cock, well a lot less useful actually Like others have said I prefer animals to a lot of Humans
  5. Hi NOA, Mel fine, my poor fit and healthy 4 year old cat got run over by some wanker speeding through our 40 limit who just fucked off, lady from the Petrol Station saw it, picked him up and he was already dead, put him in a box and brought him to me bless her ............... Jeez that hurt, I was gutted. He was part of the household, at 4 years he was just starting to calm down a bit and become his own little self. It's bad enough when you lose a pet who is very old and ill, so that is kind of expected We have 2 new gorgeous kitties now keeping us on our toes and waking us up at 4 am lol. I'm just very busy with projects, and making the most of the decent weather to catch up on outside jobs, just re roofed the Conservatory, done a load of work on Hot Tub, pump and motor was getting noisy so I got an upgraded one, some newer style jets and some other bits, great to have it recommissioned, also a new sound system and lighting going in the Conservatory, bigger Beer fridge etc etc Cleared out and sold / scrapped a load of stuff we no longer need / use, junked a lot etc. I've heavy duty racked out the big storage shed for the impending breaking of the S500 Donor car I bought, then come early November the V8 etc will be going in my SLK, I've got all the parts needed and already cloned the V6 Immo Data to a spare V8 ECU, bought a programmer, built a lappy for it and taught myself how to do it Also doing some de forestation, this is the first summer I've had for 5 years where we haven't had all the running around every weekend, weeks down south etc because of 2 terminal illnesses and deaths in Mels family, (her bro and then her dad). Place has become a bit of a jungle with a long list of outstanding jobs, but I'm getting there now, also clearing and re claiming a large piece of steep sloping ground, local guy is going to fill it with rocks to bring it level with the rest then surface it so initially more Car parking, then maybe a huge Workshop in the future A few large trees to come down still. Workshop is also really busy, if it were bigger I'd employ someone, well if I could find anyone decent local that is I'll be back in force when it all calms down and the rains back on Cheers for now
  6. Just fit a decent replacement for the one that's in it, same CCA same A/hr or slightly above. If you are definitely going to keep it more than 4 years then I'd buy a Replacement MB Battery, they seem to last between 6 to 8 years so although they are dearer than say Oldham they are good value long term HTH
  7. Hi, If it was an original MB option, then I'd imagine fit camera and version code the COMAND with SDS HTH,
  8. At very least the 3 higher end Autels can all do Injectors and Batteries, plus soooooo much more, that is why I say they are best bang for the buck, they are as competent as things like Bosch and Autologic that cost 10 times as much !! Injector Codes and Batteries is not per se Programming Work I would think some of the cheaper Autel's will do Injectors and Batteries etc, just not Programming and Version Coding, although I'm not familar with them, to me they are a DIY Machine My £2100 Autel was cheaper than my Snap On, both will do Injectors / Batteries and similar tasks, but the Autel comes with J2534 Pass Thru and will do Version Codings and Vehicle ECU Software Updates too, it is cheaper than my Solus Ultra Pro. Autel first year was free to update it, and after that it is no where even remotely near the £600, (that was a discounted "amnesty" deal btw) that Snap On Charged for updating the 4 year old Solus in December 2018 !!
  9. The best bang for the buck is Autel Maxisys Pro, around £1800 Snap On is a rip off for the updates, Delphi is good, but like MarkTVS said no one machine does all. I have all 3 of those, (well actually I have the Maxisys Elite which is good for access to some hard to get on line database files but you'll not need that unless your Techie is a flasher ), they are a good arsenal for all day to day stuff. As most of you know I also go way more in depth than just code reads and have around 12 different Dealer Level machines too, there isn't really anything I cant diagnose and fix in house, recently started EEPROMMING work too !! Yes, for general Car Sales work the Autel will pay for itself time and again. Beware of that Solus for that price
  10. Wankers Tossers and Jerk Offs the lot of 'em, mummy must have banned them from Porn Hub
  11. LIKE and Agreed I was gonna say:- I would have expected my unrestricted 180 BHP n/a ZX 12R to have left the Tesla within the first 1/8th, but a bit of a fuzzy memory as I sold it 14 years ago My S55K is kicking out the same numbers as your Jag, and last year down Broadford Airstrip I left the Tesla well within the first 1/4, at that point I didn't have the correct wheels and tyres on it as I was refurbing the staggered set, so instead of the decent 275's it only had cheapie 245's on it, no bullshit the Traction Control was definitely limiting mine, but it still ate the Tesla A very recent Top Gear ran the new Tesla against a C63 AMG and a couple of other big IC's , their footage showed that the Tesla fucked off over the first 1/4, and after that it was only the big Merc that annihilated it, personally I think that test footage was rigged for media propaganda EV promotion purposes ................... I have driven a fair few C63's and they are quicker than my 55K, either that or the spanking new Tesla is light years in front of my buddies 1 year old Tesla that we raced down Broadford Airstrip last summer. Cost him an expensive lunch that did
  12. Yeah, sure, it can get up and go better than a lot, (for the first approx 1/4 mile), but after that, over the next 1/4 mile the Superbike / S55 Kompressor, C63 AMG etc etc will just fuck off and leave it for dead ............... That has been proven by myself and many others. Says it all, and in the real world as opposed to the "Fairy Dairy Land" propaganda However, even I can see the benefits of owning one if you live and work in / around one of our cities. But, as I used to regularly do 650 mile journey, Kyle to Kent. Average of a 10 - 11 hour drive overnight these days. 12 years ago, overnight, I did it in 6 hours 55 mins, I would never get near that nowadays due to significantly increased Traffic, IR SCameras, M/Way Road Works, Detours, etc etc. V8 S Class will do 400 + miles on a full tank at 80 - 90 mph, 10 minutes in services and you're off again !! CDI E Class Diesel will do door to door at the same speed (just) on a tank full !! .................... Serious questions, as I simply have no idea ..................... How far will the Tesla go on a full charge at 80 - 90 mph ?? How long does it take to fully recharge ?? What is the real world (sustainable) cost of charging one ?? (not you can recharge for a pound etc etc due to subsidies etc, 'cos that is not sustainable long term), same as the free road tax etc, once everyone is driving these fucking things it will all be taxed to the hilt)
  13. The only way I'd ever consider being forced into a non Petrol Engined Car would be if I were allowed to rebuild an older IC Car of my choice with Electric power in my own workshops ............... i.e create my own Electric Hot Rod. I somehow doubt I would be allowed to do so by the time all this is implemented, so as far as I'm concerned they will have to jail me for continuing to use my V8's after they are outlawed. By the time that all happens, hopefully I'll be past driving myself around anyway. Oh, and btw, getting rid of IC Engines WILL NOT make a significant difference to the Ozone / Atmosphere ................. It is all just simply propaganda bullshit spawned by some know nothing wanker. Why the fuck should I and the millions of other Petrol Headed IC lovers be told we can no longer pursue our love of IC engined Cars, when there is in fact no tangible argument to support all this Eco Bollocks ...................... None of it stands up in a decent technical argument .................... Electric Cars are no more environmentally friendly than a modern IC Petrol, they are just made out to be by morons who have been cloned !! I'm out