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  1. EPV - I have a pitch, I do feel I haven't moved with the internet but I am trying to keep up mrs maybe - I have a main road pitch with signage etc.. pitch and stock is cleaned daily twerp - yes I am in bucks noacross - fingerscrossed thank you all for your advice
  2. Hi! All I am new to the forum first time posting and il get straight to the point For the last two quarters my business has seen a huge fall in sales and ive been in the trade for 15 years and never seen things this bad, normally I turn my stock over very quick sub £5000 stuff and stock around 60 units but never have I had any issues but last two quarters ive seen a huge fall in sales and phone hardly even rings. I spoke with my AT manager who said "we don't know what's going on" (great help) when she said that I just hang up!!! so today I started to look into opening another company up offering contract hire vehicles, would you recommend I carry on with car sales and contact hire vehicles or just focus on one? I know I wont be able to work with LEX or Blackhorse in the early stages so finding the best deals out theie would be hard from your experience ones who are doing both how have you found it? what type of costs would be involved? Ive never thought about doing anything like this as business has always been good but things are changing so quick and its getting harder day by day keeping up thank you for any advice in advance