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  1. Hi, Yeah its a learning curve for sure, but I've been doing really well so far. 'Ive now got trade plates which have already been so handy, and have been turning around quite a few cars a month, constantly got one in my garage to repair, and have 3 or 4 for sale at a time, doing a mix of the Cat N cars I am repairing and then some high end newer cars that are straight cars. Just sold a 9month old Golf R estate which flew out the door! so well happy. Was worried the £20k+ cars would be hard to sell without being able to offer finance but so far so good! I'm thinking as soon as Brexit cripples the country loads more people will want to save money buying Cat N's as no one will be able to afford anything else!! I'm mainly using Autotrader, but also put them on Gumtree which has been quite successful too. Good luck!
  2. Great thanks, I'll look in to those today
  3. Ive read a load of the threads about finance on the forum, some have been useful, but there aren't that many recommendations for companies to use, especially those that will allow you to arrange finance without having a forecourt (i'm trading from home). I have called a few companies but so far not managed to find one who is fine with us working from home.
  4. No Category cars have the Category listed on the log book. It only shows up on HPi check. Once a car is Cat S, it is always a Cat S and cannot be removed. You can get the car inspected and if the repair is satisfactory it can be re classed as 'Condition inspected' but it will still also show it was Cat S.
  5. Hi, I have contacted both Audi & VW UK to ask about warranties with repaired cars, and so long as the cars are repaired using genuine parts, the warranty will not be affected. I also had to send a 2016 Audi Q3 in for some warranty work, the engineer that worked on the car couldn't believe that it had been a front end write off as I ensure everything is put back exactly as it came out the factory. I tried Bollingtons and they gave a good quote, but in the end I found a really good deal with Adelphi Insurance brokers, Luke was super helpful. £1500 fully comp with £20k indemnity and all the bells & whistles. I'm beginning to think the Cat N's when repaired correctly are great for keeping customers happy, as an example I sold a 2017 Audi Q3 S-line with only 3k miles on it that was fully loaded to a customer, he was over the moon because if he had bought a non category car for the same money he'd be looking at a car 3 years older with no Audi warranty and much higher mileage. So long as they are 100% repaired correctly, they are going to be as good as new.
  6. Hi, I'm a new trader starting out, and currently selling from home. I've had a few customers asking if we can arrange finance. How do you go about arranging finance? I presume you have to register with FCA? Which companies are good to use, any recommendations or advice welcome! Thanks. I've had a bit of a search on this forum, but some recommendations would be good. We are already registering for VAT
  7. Hi, I'm a new trader starting out, and currently selling from home. I've had a few customers asking if we can arrange finance. How do you go about arranging finance? I presume you have to register with FCA? Which companies are good to use, any recommendations? Thanks.
  8. On a part time basis for the moment, yes.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I was thinking about forming a sole partnership (with my fiance) so do you recommend forming a limited company instead? As I am just starting out, what kind of warranty should I be offering? Most of the cars I have been dealing with so far have been under 3 years old and so are covered by the manufacturers warranty still, and I've also kept mileages under 50k. I wouldn't sell a car that needed any work doing so I would be pretty confident with any cars I sell. I've been looking at the lawgistics driver options, does anyone use these? I have read that a dealer is responsible for any car sold for up to 6 months, Is that the case? I've been getting a number of road risk quotations and the best price so far is £1600 fully comp with up to £25k car values.
  10. Hi All, I've recently been trading a few cars from home as a side line, I have always been involved in cars as a hobby, restoration work, panel beating, mechanical, mig welding etc etc. I've been buying a few CAT N damaged cars and repairing them properly (not like some CAT N & S repairs i've seen!) and selling them on, also a few stolen recovered cars too. It's gotten to the point where I need to set up as a trader, I currently have 4 private insurances running now which is an expensive way of keeping these cars on cover. I also need trade plates as some cars I have purchased haven't had a V5C so I couldn't tax them for 4 weeks waiting for DVLA to send me a new log book! Having to hire a road trailer to move a perfectly good car around is just annoying and expensive! So, looking for any hints / tips on setting up properly, best trader insurance deals, any tips on using trade plates etc. Any suggestions / recommendations welcome!