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  1. All I wanted to do was ‘get rich over-night’ and all I got was abuse
  2. Hello all, many thanks for your replies, I was defenatly looking forward to it, thought I’d ask the question to see how it really is in the trade, I have bought and sold a few cars of my own and I get People are c*nts :-) As for background, I was a vehicle technician at one point before moving in to the world of finance and now I’m just bored lol Btw I love all your comments but some of you guys are just right basterds :-p nah I’m only messing.
  3. Hello, this is my first ever post so please don't be mean to me :-) i am currently looking at starting up a used car dealer and thought id post here to have some support, can anyone tell me what is exactly needed for em to start this in UK e.g licensing etc.. i had spoken to a used car dealer when i bought my car last year and they told me the fund this thorough a car traders finance. they also said they have some sort of agreement with BMW to purchase ex leased cars from them in bulk, can this be actually done or is it just fibbs? I look forward to all your replies :-) Thanks