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  1. I'm using Autosales Systems for the last month or so now. I find it great and so easy to use. They link directly to Sage Accounts as well, not sure why you are having to pay Sage monthly as I was able to buy a Sage licence from Autosales for £130 one-off cost. I couldn't live without it now and they are great people to deal with. I pay them £40 a month and it all links to Sage for me meaning I pay my booker half of what I had to last time.
  2. Well....Autosales does 90% of the work in Sage for you with the buying and selling cars. However I have been taught today how to put wages and electricity bills etc. through Sage directly. (Not as scary as I first thought and I must repeat how amazing the support is, I feel as if I'm being a pain as I just call with loads of questions, a lot that have nothing to do with them just me being an idiot! But I am assured that nothing is too much hassle and I can call for help whenever I want). I have not gone far enough to say whether you can pay the VAT through them but I know you can submit your VAT return in a matter of seconds as I saw this during the demo. I really didn't want to leave my excel as all I knew was my spreadsheet!! I must say though even 4 days into a proper system I am seeing the benefits, my advice is to have a look at it they gave me a demo over the phone using some remote software.
  3. I signed up with them on Friday and they trained me on all aspects of the system by the end of the day. Back-dated the system to the start of April over the weekend so have everything is now on from the start of my financial year. I have to agree on the support was great, I had to call a few times as I made a few silly mistakes but was told how to easily amend them. I have been defending my Excel spreadsheet for years, I am certainly eating my words now! Would recommend this to anyone. The "On Line" query was a worry but I have asked them this morning and it's the link to Sage that makes this compatible with the MTD. Sage is what they are going to train me on tomorrow (expecting that to not be as straight forward but it's nice to know I have someone hold my hand!) This MTD is still a load of bollocks in my eyes but it is a blessing in disguise for me after forcing me to sign up to a proper car dealer system.
  4. Yes did speak to my accountant also uses Xero put he didn't believe I could operate my own accounting system. (He has Xero faith in me!! ). Autosales systems also supply Sage at a one-off cost. Can't remember the exact cost but it was around the £100 mark, i'm waiting for an email with the exact pricing from them. 100% agree with you!!
  5. Hi All This MTD came as a shock to me at the start of the week. I have been doing some research and speaking to different people to see exactly what is required. As I understand it any VAT registered company can only submit VAT returns through an accounting package that links to the HMRC. The first package that came to my mind was Sage as I have used them in the past, however, as justina3 mentioned above Sage does not deal with the second-hand margin scheme. I have been speaking with a company called Autosales Systems (They were the ones that notified me of MTD through their email marketing). They have designed a system for independent car dealers and all purchases & sales etc. which feeds into Sage instantly with the Margin VAT calculated for you. I received a full demonstration this morning and I must say i was very impressed with the simplicity of it. The monthly subscription for me would be £40 a month which I found very reasonable, their system put my excel sheet to shame to be honest! I have another demo booked with Dragon2000 (which I believe does the same thing) this afternoon but having spoken with a friend they will cost me £100+ per month. Still think this whole MTD is ridiculous but you can only make the best out of the situation I suppose. It would be nice to know what everyone else plans on doing.
  6. You certainly did! Still it’s good to know that i’m not the only one out there confused about the whole thing. I’m going to do some of my own research on this and find out if my excel spreadsheet need to go to the bin or not! This is my biggest worry as i live by my spreadsheet! Any advice or further information you may know wil be much appreciated
  7. Anyone heard of this? Had a call today saying i must have a car dealer system in place that link to the HMRC by april 2019 to comply with making tax digital. My accountant confirmed that this is indeed the case. Apparently i need a system that link to Sage or something similar to produce VAT returns. What is everyone else doing? I’m told My excel spreadsheet wont comply with this new rule. Seen a few car dealer software that links to Sage online, thinking about going for one of these but would love evryone’s thought on it and if they even knew about it? I certainly didn’t! Thanks