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  1. Is 'Dealer Trade' worth looking at at all? Wondering about signing up.
  2. Think everything is going quiet,brexit talked about a lot more frightens people, plus school holidays.
  3. That was a tricky trick! Thanks for hyphen information.
  4. Thought I'd have look this morning, and it's sign up for £99 per month.
  5. Just saying that Renault AC seems reliable!
  6. Renaults seem pretty reliable in my experience!
  7. I get quite a few of these 2012 onwards,and air conditioning rarely working. Re gas seems to get them going,but fail again,quite quickly and it’s not a leak! Two cars have had cooling fan resistor changed,but why are they so unreliable? Has anyone any experience of these cars?
  8. 40lbs pressure worked! Only drove it 200 yards and light out. Many thanks for advise all.
  9. Thanks for help.Yes arrived with light on,and no it’s not in dashboard menu. will try the 38 lbs idea. thanks again
  10. Anyone had any experience of this fault. No reset button, reinflate tyres and light will go out it says on internet. Funniest bit is,looked in owners manual for advise, and relevant page removed. Previous dealer hiding something.Wonder what was so hard to digest?
  11. Thought it would be lengthy,thank you for your replies all.
  12. Can you help? Am delivering car to new owner untaxed, and customer wants to transfer cherished number plate, I can't do it all in one go can I? ie transferring and taxing in one go.
  13. Booked mine in 3 weeks ago for 26 June.
  14. Has anyone ever signed up to WBAC for paid for valuations? Not sure how much they charge.
  15. Two or three used car dealers I know not buying because business quiet! There's enough bad news about to warrant this. What's your thoughts?
  16. Yes,Had a look,’you may be able to tax at post office’ Just wondered if registering in my garage name then private owner would confuse system.
  17. Hello all.can you help? If I apply for new v5c ,while waiting for it to come ,can I still tax in new owners name, if someone buys car?
  18. Photos showed seat,but it not correct one,for older Peugeot,with backrest bracket,which newer ones don’t have. I think in fact it’s two small single seats required.
  19. I did wonder if it would be hard work! But it wasn’t as description,so will keep you all posted.
  20. Anyone able to tell me how I shall get on with car delivered from BCA,with wrong rear seat fitted? It's a wav,the previous owner must have put wrong seat in rear, which isn't right fittings, or colour match, you couldn't sit in it. Telephoned bca sales today, emailed with photos, nothing on their sales report about it, wondering what reply will be.
  21. Just rang Blackbushe, and they said driving license, and invoice for car.
  22. Sending driver to collect from Blackbushe,all paid for, but what documents will he need take for collection please? Always had delivered before.
  23. Thanks for all reply’s,did ring them and they had classified as Van,so didn’t do appraisal,as a car.
  24. Thought that they might have a report about it for themselves. Does sound very risky.
  25. Oooooh! Thats frightening.May ring them Monday for more details. Thanks for replies.