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  1. Just sell honest cars if it breaks fix it pay your taxes and treat the customer how you would want to be treated buying a used car
  2. click the bca live online like you would if you were to bid on a car then once your in and can see todays sale top right corner should be a drop down box click that then it should say proxy bids click that then it should show you won lost and also what the lot went for. hope this helps
  3. I got this letter today also, going to have to give them a ring
  4. So does this mean bca will stop giving out service invoices with cars as lakeside said above. as these invoices will have previous owners details on. same as the v5 has the last two owners on the front with names and addresses? lets face it no one never really needs to no who the last 2 owners were apart from dvla seems all abit silly if you ask me then you get random cold callers offering crap where they get my details, thought they were secure
  5. TBH GDPR has nothing to do with it I am interested in the vehicle don't want to no anything about the last owner, as for dragging up old invoices hardly hardship when things are all on computer
  6. I dunno if they have stopped or the car only came in with the book its a shame because I would rather invoices over the book anyone can stamp the book. This car I have got has got full ford service history including cambelt change but no invoices just book I am waiting on a call back from ford tomorrow fingers crossed
  7. Hi guys hope everyone is making lots of money and selling Now and then if I have a car come in with full main dealer service history but only with a stamped book I ring said dealer and ask for service invoices to be sent by email with work carried out to back what the book is saying, but lately I am getting the response we cant do that due to data protection even though I have V5 with previous owners details. I even say block them out and then send me the invoices Do any of you guys get this or is just me?
  8. that is exactly what i thought when i looked at the sheet just cant get the staff
  9. when you guys put it like that it doesn't seem all that bad
  10. So took a 2008 corsa d for M.O.T today still had a ticket valid until march 2019 with no advisories Car passes with 1 advisory inspection light on? so the INSP light where the miles show is now an advisory? I am aware this means its due a service or on some newer models you get INSP 2 which means a bulb may be blown ect? best bit is I just had my mechanic service it and he hadn't reset the light NOT HAPPY and I have let him no, but these things happen what I cant understand how it falls under an advisory trying to explain to a customer what that light was is going to be fun.
  11. I am guessing a Tornador is some sort of steam cleaner?
  12. Have just been looking at these I think its worth the buy just because how cheap it is. then maybe add a George further down the line for the the deep cleans
  13. Thanks nick I will take a look
  14. This is random but....... Can anyone recommend decent hoover for valeting cars needs to be able to do wet and dry. I have been told the Henry George is good? All help is appreciated