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  1. this is the result of what the best of our education system can process...i worry for the county if this is how they are after 14 years of school
  2. has to be off the red and close to quarter......................i think its expected
  3. start at CAP below and see where you end up, CAP average should be tops
  4. there are plenty of reasons to not buy a car.....................this is not one of them i see the fuel tank as a bonus, half a tank, Obviously £50 is of such an insignificant amount they can afford to waste it and not be bothered by it at trade in
  5. Every body on facebook is a motor trade Guru........................ even if there day job is builder, plumber, driver.................... they consider them selves experts and consider you to be the one in the wrong when pricing your stock and valuing there PX oohhhh yes and they will want swaps ....................your 65 plate c class for there 60 plate Focus with money back there way because its just had new tires all round and a recent service in 2016
  6. On a Vauxhall i have Insignia diesel, I had it smoking like something is terminal, smoking on tick over and a real trail of smoke at normal driving, Did not even had to be booting it was there all the time, I was bricking it, turned out my diesel was desperately trying to regen but some sensor had gone ( forgot the one) and once we changed that £60 the car was able to self clean regen and all was well,
  7. no rain...................all under cover Wheep Whoop..............................layer of dust from the ceiling GGGRRRRRRR
  8. Thanks for your advice, You know i have not as yet checked the obvious, It may be a fuse you are right, i will have a look, this does sound expensive though
  9. if it was just account holders gold and above rather than the taxi drivers and the £100 flip car idiots then social distancing would be manageable.
  10. Collected a 2010 Kuga, Obviously has the remote control on the key fob for getting into the car and off course once in the car you just press the start button as long as the fob is in the car somewhere, My car was said to have had a dead key battery because the remote control entrance was not working (CL was working just not off the fob) and once in the car i had the dash message "key not present" so i had to remove the blade from the key fob and insert it into the ignition like a traditional key, Then the push button start would start. I have since changed the battery in the remote and there is still no life from it at all, I suspect i have the wrong remote for the car but the correct blade for the ignition, In the messages display i still have "key not present" permanently displayed on the dashboard messages. so my question is.............................. are there specialists out there who can provide me with a replacement remote, Programmed for remote central locking and one that would allow keyless push button start where i do not have to place the blade into the ignition as i do now ??? I have in the past thought this was dealer only at a cost of over £200 + because of the immobilizer codes issue not being available to the coding specialist ?? I am in Wolverhampton in case there is someone who knows doing this service
  11. Liked Mikes and his interview, Straight talking no nonsense car sales person rather than the sharp suit PLC brigade, Obviously passionate about what he does a real breath of fresh air
  12. This is a dealer forum for industry professionals, Not a dealer help line for people who do not understand car admin dont worry your new v5 will be in post
  13. When you call BCA i would ask them if Nitrogen was used to inflate the tires too
  14. Punter should do there homework................... it adds to there credibility make the sales person your friend, it is nice dealing with people you get along with you need to earn the right as a customer to get around to negotiation and figures, It is not negotiation first as a customer we know when you are lying, I have spoken to 10000+ customers i can tell trust me
  15. on a desktop.......................sure there must be a way sorry i can not help you