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  1. Hi all Frequently on here reading but not yet in a position to offer advice to others. im sure this is a newbie question Ive been using HPI to check cars for a while and think maybe its time to get a trade account. How much would it cost circa 10 checks per month, what extras are there compared to the standard public checks. Thanks in advance
  2. Noted, maybe I've been lucky but your right no point asking for problems. Thanks Any recommendations ?. I wont be needing the latest all singing all dancing model but one that does the job preferably tells me the issue, not just a code and can reset
  3. I would rather be straight with customers and as a "doorstepper" I don't think taking a deposit and telling people to come back when its ready will work for me. Last car I sold I told the customer the clutch was riding high and would need doing at some point but the car was priced accordingly. He as happy as car was cheaper than the competition and he could have it done at mates rates. I've sold 10 in the last 3 months, every customer gets a text 3 -4 weeks after sale to see if all ok and so far everybody is happy and I would like to keep it that way. I'm starting to get a reputation and now have people coming to me and asking me to find them cars (If you've got a pink,convertible, sporty, auto for less than 6K please give me a shout ) I appreciate all the comments so far and the different viewpoints although the lack of newbie abuse is disappointing
  4. Had a viewing arranged for this morning car had only been advertised for 20 minutes before customer contacted me to arrange viewing. I'm thinking great nice quick sale. I've driven the car about 100 miles in the last week no problems, put £10 of petrol in it to make sure its good for the test drive and get the customer home also i don't like to sell with low petrol light on. Twenty minutes before customer arrives it goes into limp mode and EML on, bollocks. turned it off and on a few times and all back to normal but decide not to risk it and call customer to apologise and tell him not to come. Its now booked in for Friday to get sorted. Bad luck = no sale today good luck = no angry customer Car is a zafira 1.8 sri 2008 (I know i should have steered clear but should be a nice drink in it for me hopefully), Im hoping a quick sensor swap and reset then all good I'm always happy to learn from your experiences and will add my own to maybe help others so anybody else with similar tales to tell ? I'm still relatively new to this but am loving it so far
  5. cars in Switzerland are expensive compared to the rest of Europe i will let him know that the chances of getting Swiss retail prices any where else in Europe are non existent, see if I can manage his expectations a little It is in the uk, chelmsford
  6. Thanks for all of the help but think this is a non starter now I think its worth 8500 euro retail and the guy wants £9k Unless anybody thinks different 2012 VW Polo Blue Motion 11000 KM excellent condition
  7. Wasn’t wanting to register here just sell as is and buyer exports
  8. Is'nt that only for newish cars ? This has been in Switzerland for more than 12 months and owned by present keeper for more than 6 months so VAT is'nt an issue according to google,also will be sold for export so new owner can worry about paperwork and registration when it gets to wherever its going
  9. Hi all I've been offered a Swiss registered polo and I'm unsure of the correct procedure for overseas registered cars I have bought and sold cars overseas before mainly from Germany and sold into eastern Europe Using German export plates and had no issues. This is different for me as will be buying an overseas registered vehicle in the UK then selling on to a foreign national for them to export, now I'm not worried about import procedures and taxes i the destination country as that will be the buyers concern. HPI and other checks can not be performed as not UK registered but I will try and check using VIN number. I Will inform seller to tell the Swiss DVLA equivalent that car is sold and exported so that he is covered legally on that side, is there anything else i need to be aware of. I'm hoping its a case of "thanks for the car here's some cash and an invoice",then "thanks for the cash here's a receipt and a car now bugger off". Lifes never that easy, is it? Alternatively anybody who knows what they're doing want to buy a Polo with the steering wheel on the wrong side ? Thanks in advance Steve
  10. Try Tradewise sole trader working from home 5K max trade value, 1 year NCB, as many cars as i like, includes personal car fully comp, accompanied test drives (cant see how you can sell cars without this) £1500ish for me but i am ancient
  11. May take me a little while to catch up with you "this time next year rodders"
  12. Bollingtons were the company I was favouring till giffion came back with trade plates thrown in. Has any body dealt with giffion at all. Do bollingtons add cars to MID via an app as with giffion ?
  13. 50, no points, 1 year NCB on my private car. Was living in eastern Europe, sorry to disappoint. The cost of insurance is actually a little less than i was expecting so I'm happy with that, i'm just after a feel for the companies. How easy are they to deal with and will they actually pay out if needed (hopefully not)