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  1. If it happens again best get the registered keeper to call call DVLA, pay £25 over the phone it it arrives in 3 days. Have done a couple the last few months including a Rolls Royce V5 for a key worker.
  2. Is pot luck. I sent a postal change of class / incorrect seats on V5 / tax at the start of August and the new V5 is already back. What’s the actual issue?
  3. The DVLA site shows the last V5 issue date. In your case could this have been the switch from blue to red V5s? I know plate and address changes generate a new V5 but for most cars It is accurate.
  4. Have a couple of 19/19 Startlines due back but basic engine and white with barn doors so pretty much the opposite of what you want. Will pm you if anything nice pops up.
  5. Decent vans have gone mental. Are the Transporters you need anything special?
  6. Have had this a few times but it is normally noticeable as it is either the VRM or chassis that’s recorded. Normally cars with manufacturers plates eg BMW - YC, VW - GC Etc. Have an interesting one going on with Volkswagen Financial Services at the moment. Short story we purchased a 6 month old vehicle outright, has been with a client 18 months and we have now sold it retail. Upon collection the buyer HPI checks and shows on finance with VWFS (we had no reason to do this as it is our vehicle). We call VWFS they can’t discuss the finance as we can’t confirm the details of the person on the agreement! After explaining they have clearly made a mistake and maybe should phone their customer to confirm the reg of the vehicle they actually have? Time goes on, buyer drops out, VWFS management won’t help and stick to the we can’t talk to you are you can’t pass security line. We then raised a case with HPI. HPI come back saying VWFS have confirmed details are correct and can’t help. Last resort we called the VW dealer we got it from and they checked their deal files and it seems they put the wrong vehicle details (ours) on a finance document 18 months ago. Hopefully VWFS will now remove the marker but I can’t help thinking a quick call or email to their client would have resolved all this hassle.
  7. Its realtime....
  8. Check the vehicle status online and it should show as untaxed.
  9. If they are sold and you need to tax why not V62 at a post office. I know it’s not great for the buyer not seeing a V5 but is a solution (as long as they have passed to trade).
  10. Have an account with them. Have seen a couple of cars in the past that would have liked but not managed to buy from them as outbid on one last minute and the other the seller changed their mind prior to purchase. Used Tootle but they disappeared. Probably because both times they never invoices for the introductions
  11. We had this a few years ago with a batch of Skodas. We had 4 with near similar miles but 1 was mint, 2 average and 1 a bit of a dog. All were advertised within £500 of each other but it was the mint one we got left with.
  12. Quite a few main dealers are opening service departments this week with non key workers bookings from next week. Several I have spoken with have commented on the number of customers asking for C&D which they are unable to help with due to their drivers being from the higher risk group.
  13. From my experience I think most are summed up above. The biggest annoyance for us is customers comparing to a similar vehicle or deal somewhere else and making up a deal they have been offered (this happens a lot more in leasing, comparing apples with apples springs to mind) Last year had a guy trying to chip us on a Evoque as he said he could get the similar car at Stratstone with a £1000 off the advertised price plus they offered more for his car. As we all know this does not happen with Stratstone and he did buy our car even when he said the deal was “costing him £2000 more”. Trouble is you feel these customers resent you and overall the transaction has a bitter taste.
  14. Nothing will need changing, many new cars sit for months at a time, we still have access to some new and unused BMW’s registered June 2019. Before you ask the warranty starts from registration date but do check the service countdown is reset if it’s had an early PDI. Some larger fleet dealers are delivering cars but most smaller retail outlets have furloughed staff and would need individual people to do the following to make it happen, PDI, Valet, Invoice, Register / RFL, Hans over. In most cases main dealers are just taking holding deposits on used cars rather than delivering them.