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  1. He is leaving keys and paperwork on seat and we are posting keys. Our drivers have got little packs of spray and cloths to wipe contact surfaces either end plus rubber gloves. As for us working, nobody other than staff are allowed in the office and there are only 3 in working within different individual offices, no A/C allowed, no sharing communal areas. Everyone else is at home as not much to do. As for deliveries, we think we are allowed to do it, it’s only 30 miles and the driver won’t be stopping anywhere. to be fair probably the only one we will be doing for the foreseeable.
  2. We are getting loads of calls but mainly cancellations and customer service issues around deliveries and collections of lease cars, and more worryingly people finding out about terminating agreements. Only sales call sold a nearly new Tiguan to a previous customer who called up out of the blue. Being delivered today but not to worried as they are an existing customer and the PX is a mint 2010 Tiguan 4M DSG done 80 (with the cambelt done at VW) and will owe £1600.
  3. Not always, Of late the stupid ones we get are reasonably normal middle management or retired types who probably do have the money but they think they know best as they have read Honest John.
  4. Not sure if it’s all sites but a Sytner employee said they are closing 5pm tomorrow until further notice.
  5. Even with the affordability checks the funders have and diligence checks firms like us complete the high number of self employed people who are going to be without their normal income soon is scary. I would like to think the funders are sympathetic and help the people that need it with payment breaks similar to the mortgage proposals but as we all know this is harder on a depreciating asset.
  6. Portsmouth Audi were helpful in informing us they wanted to charge £50 a day storage for a car that could not be collected five days after a service.
  7. They had a good 10 minutes inside after turning the alarm off. Must of being trying to code a key as it kept getting to ignition stage as headlights did their dance etc but never got it started. Looking at the cameras not once did the brake lights come on so it might be something that simple that stoped them starting it. Police have attended and have given them footage but doubt they can do much more.
  8. Car thief’s were our main visitor, spent a little while looking and decided they fancied a nearly new Range Rover. Hammers and screw drivers to get in but gave up trying to start it.
  9. Our local bodyshop and independent garage who do our small jobs are flat out as everyone’s dropping their cars in for jobs they have been meaning to do. Our sales guys seem to be taking calls from customers asking what happens if??? On a plus with the major slide on the Euro just traded two high value BMWs to Ireland. He has no idea how and when they will get to him but has transferred a holding deposit.
  10. Was online and the only car I wanted went over CAP when all the other stuff seemed to be between average / clean.
  11. We have taken more back today than sold....
  12. Best of luck but sadly sounds dear as these are price pointing sub £30k retail for an early 4.3 and high mileage one like yours and you will get chipped back on the clutch (£3k) if it’s getting heavy and any corrosion on the doors and mirrors is a big spend.
  13. My experience is Cam Belts only need changing once a car has been put into trade, anything before this they can last for 10 years and it’s only precautionary.....
  14. As a company we have implemented a plan that means all but 2 staff members are now working remotely but to be fair we have slowed right down and had some cancellations. Something that is going to hit us is logistics as we use our own drivers as well as a local Company and Movex. The local company has quite a few older drivers who have said they don’t want to work until further notice. This has already led to collection cancellations for next week and extra expense as our drivers now need hire cars as we don’t want them using public transport (whilst they are still happy to work). As for Movex, quotes have been ridiculously high which I guess reflects the time of year and lack of drivers happy to make their way the length of the country stopping on crowded service stations and using public transport.
  15. We have had more cancellations this week than the whole year to date. From the e-mails we get from dealers there seem to be a few more stock cars “appearing”. I was talking with someone high up in a rental company and they are getting rental cancellations across the board, corporate clients not traveling, tourists not coming etc to the point they think they will need to start selling off the excess vehicles.