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  1. I started using HPI Cap, works great but now they have blocked me on my laptop and mobile. They now want payment, how do I get pass that?
  2. Hi everyone. Thank you for all the advice I got on my last (and first) topic. I decided to go with Covea at £950/yr for Motor Trade insurance. Hope this next one is an easy one. What is the best value for money guide to Trade and Retail values for cars and Vans? I spoke to Glass @ £630 plus vat, Solera Cap @ £665 plus vat and Parkers (they only do values for the last 7 years?). Not having to much experience I was wondering if one of these indicate what are easy movers, don't want to buy cars/vans and be stuck with it. Any advise will be appreciated.
  3. may I ask who your insurer is? I'm not to sure if I should use Covea?
  4. Hi everyone. Just joined "Car Dealer". In progress of setting up a sole-trader Car dealership. Got a great quote for Motor Trade insurance from "Covea". Just a bit concerned as their review comes up with a score of 2.6!! Should I rather avoid them?