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  1. Sure you are. 9 grand on a car is a pro level without a doubt.
  2. Sorry. but it reminds me recent story when somebody won Merc GLK for 9k on eBay... No offense...
  3. Part time equals low volume in my book. Last part time insurance I had was about 2.5k then went to up to 3.5k - no claims no convictions no penaltiess. And it was end of part time trade for me.
  4. Do not release the car the same day, would be my advice.
  5. Another good is Launch X431 pros mini. Around 600 on ebay. Does more than most need.
  6. +1 At least one reasonable comment. Thanks.
  7. Who do you pay to for the car- BCA or Vendor? I guess that answers who's responsable.
  8. Plenty of holders and brackets for TP on ebay. Some are good and some not. Personally prefer cable ties in most cases.
  9. Kes


    Same here. Did it at least 5 times this year. V5 arrives in a week usually. Never new old keepers postcode...