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  1. Nick, your photos are incredible. Most of us would pay to have them look that good. I didn’t read the description because it looked long and boring. Video is better than nothing I guess
  2. Thanks Mat. I don’t usually buy diesels and won’t again. I was thinking about changing a few bits as it usually helps stickers I’ve had before
  3. Prices at blackbushe have been silly, they must be selling somewhere. Not here though.
  4. Never had a mini stick before. I think most buyers now days are more conscious of wheels and colour
  5. Same as mine. It’s great value which is exactly why I bought mine.
  6. What’s your up for Mark and where are you located? It’s been advertised for 92 days, started at 5495 and gone all the way to 4495 and back up to 4995. Not one enquiry
  7. I have a 2012 Mini One D in white that I’d like to move on at cost if anyone is interested. It was a grade 2 car and hasn’t needed any prep work. It’s a 1 owner car with 76,000 miles.
  8. Forced regen on a petrol engine? I don’t think so.... all bmw N engines are terrible and asking for trouble
  9. You won’t get a better than this ^^ i always ask if they’ve had finance before and make them apply before viewing the car to save wasted time
  10. Last serviced in 2014 so it has 6 in three years lol that’s a lot
  11. Looks sh*t! Too dark and reflections all over the place. Decent camera with minor editing is all that’s needed
  12. Busy for me and I don’t stock many. Buying hasn’t been too bad either
  13. Sounds like the customer I had Saturday using Parker’s pricing. Sorry, Parker’s who??
  14. CPM


    Sorry Nick, I meant can I use wave for invoice only. They only have a few templates which I don’t like. Think I’ll be better off paying someone to do it for me
  15. CPM


    I use excel for my accounts. Can I use it just to create invoices? No I just put my cars on there and that’s it