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  1. Nor me, it's a rather bizarre point of view.
  2. All of this. They missed a huge chance when the goal was gaping, not it's just got smaller. Very silly.
  3. Basically a licence to print money.
  4. Off 5 you say. Think I'll have to break my cherry and give this a listen.
  5. I'd go with this. I'm sure we could get it organised. Obviously those that pay get an award and a VIP night out which includes hookers, columbian marching powder and dwarfs.
  6. I'm presuming next gear and bca didn't put a gun to the head of dealers when they were considering signing up? You live by the sword....
  7. I know there are more important things going on, but the lack of moderation on this site is concerning. If they can't be moderated then put some systems in place to stop attention seekers like the OP from starting thread after thread. If it was my forum I'd be having a word or doing something before folk leave and don't come back.
  8. You have to take your hat off to both Jim and Umesh. I mean, they don't have to do what they have done and continue to do. I certainly wouldn't be arsed with it. There are not many in this trade who have my full respect, but these guys do. Just a shame Jim no longer posts on here, maybe now that certain posters (who bizarrely had beef with the IMDA) have rightly been asked to leave Jim could get back on the pitch.
  9. Your enjoying this a but too much for my liking. Very odd behaviour but that's the internet for you. Toodle pips indeed.
  10. Is there anything worse on a message board than a ' I know something you don't know' post without backing it up?
  11. Opportunity to 'get straight' and work on the golf swing. Although judging by today's prices, it looks like business as usual.