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  1. Your enjoying this a but too much for my liking. Very odd behaviour but that's the internet for you. Toodle pips indeed.
  2. Is there anything worse on a message board than a ' I know something you don't know' post without backing it up?
  3. Opportunity to 'get straight' and work on the golf swing. Although judging by today's prices, it looks like business as usual.
  4. Surely the Mail and Express wouldn't be involved in scaremongering, would they.......
  5. Sorry I can't help, but back in the day after they were raped by the pheonix four, boy did I shift some MG's, no doubt many did. The ZR's in particular were like shelling peas. I've often looked at the newer ones ( probably from a nostalgia point of view) and apart from the badge, there is nothing about them that shouts 'MG' and haven't bothered with them, the four door saloon model is particularly a horrible piece of work. No doubt they still have a following which is good, but I can't help think the designers at the new MG have missed a trick. Anyway, the MG SVR, what a car that was, at I time when I actually liked cars rather than hated the fecking things.
  6. So whose been proper nawty?
  7. I think your quoting the wrong person, I couldn't give a flying feck about AT or their price markers. If your having AT problems I feel bad for you son, I've got 99 problems but AT ain't one, hit me.
  8. Did they put a gun to your head Narcos style when they did this? I'm sorry you seem to be struggling with the job I really am, but this attitude is everything that is wrong with modern society. FFS, take some responsibility for you own actions, man the fuck up and start to row your own canoe. Jeez, just when you think you've read it all.
  9. No need to apologise to me, not sure when AD was appointed moderator of this forum but hey ho. I know a couple of LR specialists ( one dealing purely in classics) who have done very well out of them. I've often thought of getting into them as if ever a location suited them it's North Wales but didn't want to go down the route of employing mechanics and setting up extra workshops to keep the bloody things on the road. Stick to what you know and all that.
  10. There was a lovely quote on here from someone many years ago. "When it's sunny my lender wants to lend me an umbrella, when it's raining he wants to take it away".
  11. Wise words I know. Yes I know some do well on SL, but there are many SL bitches out there along with a good few who have lost the shirt off their back. At current prices I'm guessing there are a good few of them now experiencing squeaky bum time, never mind.