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  1. Alot of dealers are taking deposits and telling customers handover will happen when restrictions are lifted..whenever that is Loads of email messers atm in my experience
  2. This exactly. It's not how many will die, it's the economic impact of lockdown. Look at the stock market and that says it all. I have given AT 30 days notice today, no point in paying my biggest overhead when customers are sat at home. Love the AT company line " more people will be at home looking at cars"..... just not buying Sensible reduction of overheads and i'll still be here this time next year
  3. Interest rate cuts, giveaway budget are signs the government is preparing for serious economic consequences. Time to sit on some cash and buy selectively. To add some posativity I've just had the best 2 weeks since early January. Now sitting on plenty of cash which under normal circumstances isn't a good thing
  4. Before I read this thread I wasn't really worried about Covid 19. But you lot have scared me now! The way I see it there is nothing I can do about it, life goes on and I hope business keeps ticking along. It's been a great start to the year but that money earned can soon get burned if there is a quiet 6 months ahead. Stay posative chaps!
  5. As above. But DO NOT write on the invoice sold as seen, no warranty given or implied etc. Basics checks to make sure the car is roadworthy, if in doubt re MOT it. Brutal advert, choose customer carefully. Attach a copy of the advert to the invoice and get the customer to sign the advert. Don't worry about comebacks. If turns out the punter has too high expectations refund and move on.
  6. 3M Fastcut for used with polishing machine then Autosmart Topaz polish afterwards give me the best results. Topaz is a economical, easy to use and doesn't leave white marks if you happen to catch black trim
  7. Sold a couple with high price markers. One customer questioned the price (£600 over market price according to AT on a 4k car). I knew there was nothing else like it and customer had seen plenty of dogs. So he just accepted it. However I have a few sitters now with high price markers. I think they are just being passed over. Normally in January retail prices rise in line with wholesale prices. But I don't see that this year. High price markers are to blame as traders worried to advertise with high marker. Short margins until normality returns
  8. AAM90

    Fiat Panda

    I have stopped buying Pandas. They always sell in the end but with hardly any margin by the time it's overage and reduced. Old lady car. Kids won't buy because of the looks.
  9. Lots of messers between Christmas and New Year. Too much time on their hands!
  10. I can't load photos here. email me on john@albertabbottmotors.com. It's still here and I will take £1600 for it
  11. My expectations are to pay the bills. Not alot of profit to be earned in a December with an election looming.But you never know. However December is the month to stock up and prep. I hate buying in January, prices are insane.
  12. Just had another look. Can't seem to find it. I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction
  13. I've bought 2 this week. But I can't find where to get VAT invoices for buyers fee. Emailed DA but no answer Any ideas? The first car I bought on Monday didn't show who the vendor was. I had to guess and make a phone call. This issue is sorted now. But it's a mess
  14. AAM90


    I can't see this working in the long term. They will drown in returns. 7 day free returns. Can you imagine all those snowflakes ordering cars which in the photos look like new but in reality it's a used car