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  1. Good morning Paul, well come to forum.
  2. Remember when Auto t m forum got shutdown few years ago. some join imda some join here. Umesh is nice guy trying to help in this difficult situations. We all trying our best. Umesh, Arfur, David Horgan, Rory RSC, James B, David Ayers and a few more their all very honest and nice people been contributed lots in forums helping lots of new startups. Stay safe.
  3. No much change this day. You bought your Hillman £70 sold for £150 healthy profit £80 in 1978 now some dealers bought Ford Fiesta £2500 sold for £2700 £200 profit :-)
  4. Cecil street auto repairs 01228 599 688.
  5. Well done guys ! Your guys just saved Jay187 £2460.
  6. images looks fabs just quiet everywhere at the moment. Only you know what sale in your area. I know a guy got 60+ cars when is this quiet Big showroom rent + staffs+ advertising bills + more bills he can’t even sleep in the night .
  7. She just trying to do her jobs:-(
  8. Yes, old Autotrader forum closed two years ago. Some of us joined imda and some joined here.
  9. Good Morning Everyone, how many of you remember Autotrade mail forum ?
  10. Merry Christmas & happy new year to everyone !
  11. DPF


    First few cars didn’t sale for few months and now you are looking for bigger place so what’s the secrets Lucas ? :-)