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  1. No but she has one who goes by the alias, Arfur Can he be allowed back with a one thread limit? Please?
  2. There's no point in me saying anymore. If my opinion counts, I'm with @LINGsCARS word for word. To add.... I think the petition is a kick in the face for the thousands that are dying, the thousands that are ill, the homeless, the people living in real poverty. Surely the time spent creating the online petition would've been better spent raising money for front line staff and for those in real need.
  3. Unless of course they have half an hour spare between sourcing ventilators and building hospitals and morgues.
  4. You gotta be joking? As if the government don't have enough to deal with. They're already giving 80% of the wage, mortgage holidays and all the rest of it and now you want 80% of bonuses/commissions? Come off it. Where do you draw the line with it? There aren't many jobs out there that don't have some sort of bonus/commision. This will be a great lesson to many out there that don't live within their means. Live by your guaranteed pay not OTE. A bonus is exactly what it's called! The government cannot and are not giving for everyone to carry on with their lavish lifestyles. They're giving for people to get by. It's greed.
  5. That's it then. The news paper said it so it must be true. Fool. Why don't you take you hysteria elsewhere? They'd be all ears over at mumsnet. You're either on a wind up or one big Labour supporting, sat in a corner shitting himself, loves to stir a bit of shit, vegan, scaremonger, general neutral, hysterical cheese string. Either way. Your daily updates are far from welcome. I can't turn the bastard TV on, social media, or fucking anything without my eyes being assaulted by morons who haven't got a fucking clue what they're talking about. Including a car dealer form.
  6. None car dealer joins car dealer forum to spout a load of wank juice and scaremongering. I don't speak for the forum but as far as I'm concerned it's not welcome.
  7. After everything I said, I've been deeply affected by Coronavirus. Months of planning, anticipation and excitement down the drain in the blink of an eye. Why oh why did it have to effect the F1??? I even got a treat of breakfast in ready for my early morning on Sunday. Oh, well. Hopefully it'll be back soon. I take back everything I previously posted- not.
  8. Can we all guess and you tell us how close we are? My guess is..... everyone will be dead by next Wednesday!!
  9. A first time poster surviving after asking for help without posting their family tree, inside leg measurement, 3 years of accounts and a detailed image of their finger print. Arfur would be going fucking ballistic!!! Can't help with the bonnet, just a small observation of how the forum has improved slightly.
  10. I always assumed Zoopla and Rightmove were the motors.co.uk and Autotrader of the property industry?
  11. I'm guessing some sort of trail agent. Certainly not face masks, toilet roll or dry pasta.
  12. That's all I needed to hear. I'll inform companies house of my intention to cease trading. I'm off out to buy 8,000 toilet rolls and 400kgs of pasta. I'll use my credit card so I can keep some cash in my pocket. Not sure would good the cash will be when I'm consumed and murdered by this out of control, wipe out flu but at least I'll find comfort in the knowledge I did what I should do. Hope everyone at my funeral (assuming they don't have to watch by video link) will enjoy the bowls and bowls of plain pasta. Maybe they could throw the toilet rolls around like you see at football games.Lik some sort of confetti. OR, sell them on the black market in a few weeks when they're worth £1,200.00 a roll.
  13. My god!!! Go and worry about it then but scare mongering on here isn't helping anyone!! Boo hoo, one guy can't get some budget tyres, get different ones then. There aren't that many people running about with 1.6mm of tread all sat searching for a pair of ditch finders. It's just scare mongering, I must've bought 12-15 tyres in the last week, none of them were premium brand, all were readily available and not one person told me I had to go on a awaiting list. Supply chains will suffer, we'll all survive and come summer time, we'll all be back to normal. No one gives a fuck about the amount of people that die in car crashes every day (more than these sniffles people have) but we all still jump in and don't think twice about it. Give something a name and something that feeds the tabloids and you have morons panic buying toilet roll. Fuck me, toilet roll???? It's not a fucking stomach bug!!! A few months back, Brexit was going to wipe us all out. Now it's this. Everyone is so doom and gloom!! Pick ya heads up, turn the frown upside down and be a bit more positive. Oh, and wash ya hands every now and again!! There's 3 threads based on this yet I don't remember anyone ever being so concerned about the flu, that goes around every winter killing all the oldies off, enough to create a thread about it.
  14. They'll still be squealing like a stuck pig as soon as it needs a few quid spending on it