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  1. Recently did my nuts on a Golf DSG similar... Motronic unit was shagged. Tried another. Same. Even different gearbox. Same... Figure that out. Sold it for a big loss, as Spares / Repairs / Scrap
  2. Anything with a 2.0 petrol BMW engine!
  3. Surely such info would be a mere distraction from the facts?
  4. ...nor anywhere else at the present time so it would seem!
  5. I *very almost* advertised a 2012 Honda Jazz on AT yesterday - It's static on eBay Classifieds and Marketplace - not a sniff. The £62.95 was the reminder that the last "priced low" car on there attracted one call from a man a long way from Leicester wanting a "best price" due to distance... £62.95 saved.
  6. Yep, just sold a lovely 2005 WRX STi PPP Impreza, low mileage and pristine to a couple of lads who I agreed to meet at Stansted. 2 x Bank transfers later, they were driving it back to Hollyhead to catch the ferry home... He was made up with the car and in the trade also...
  7. Screwfix "Titan" wet/dry vacuums - unbeatable and cheap. VAX for shampooing interiors when the spray-foam won't cut it (available as recon on eBay brand new, for under £100)... Argos for pressure washer - look at flow rate and get a decent one for less than the price of a Karcher hose. Karchers, in my experience, don't last.
  9. ...did a deal on the car Friday evening to an older chap. Agreed a price. He asked if Cash or Bank Transfer was OK, and agreed to call before he left. Buyer coming from Southampton to Essex. No call by 11am. I work from home and he had my address so tried to call numerously throughout the day, being tied to the house. Eventually got through at 6.30pm. "I sent you an email saying I wasnt coming - cant get insured, sorry". Email was sent at 17:15 after having to wait in all day. Needless to say he was "enlightened". This car is a $&!* magnet
  10. Had it with a car I bought from Manheim. Their customer services emailed confirming it had no outstanding finance, and got it sorted for me with the finance company - it was an admin error.
  11. First off, disconnect the battery for 20 mins, reconnect and then see if that resets it. Also, on some of the other forums, playing around with the factory sound system (aftermarket head unit, speakers etc) can also cause the flash. Maybe someone changed the stereo and replaced it back to standard when selling the car?
  12. That's interesting... I obviously keep my own cars on a rolling D/Debit. Just a few of the more interesting ones I sometimes use for a bit - adds to the variety 'n all LOL!
  13. Don't worry about future updates... That just won't happen... I came from the iPhone. I used to hate Android (having spent only a few minutes on it), but became sick of Apple slowing the older phones down purposely through their OS updates so you buy another (Samsung and Apple have been fined for this). Having had the Huawei on Android, after a day I knew that there's no way I would go back to Apple... Its like unlocking the chains. As for the camera, image quality and phone in general - just incomparable in a good way!!!
  14. P/Ex, had someone on an 12 plate E250 Coupe, 53k, Retail at £10,200. I'm at £8995. He then wants a p/ex against a no-MOT 2001 Golf V5. He says he's "valued" my car on WBAC plus then wants way over that on his... I didn't even want his POS. Imbeciles. The lot of them...
  15. Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphone. Awesome pictures and a few lenses (including a wide lens, perfect for for the back through to front 2 x seats shot). Amazing bit of kit and so simple to use!
  16. Yes so long as its on the MID you can tax it off the green slip. When it sells, cancel the D/Debit since the new owner will tax it anyhow. Worth mentioning that recently however, the DVLA Online web-site no longer accepts my main bank account for any new D/Debit payments...
  17. Its mental. There really are no rules... Prep a ll my cars very highly (overboard really) but they usually sell to the fist to view. I just cannot understand this TT...
  18. Just sold a 2005 Impreza STi via eBay, to a dealer based in N.Ireland (I'm on the Essex coast). Met him in the car at Stansted and he drove it back to the Ferry at Hollyhead... On the flip side, another buyer said that Hertfordshire to Essex is "just too far" to travel for a mint Audi TT!
  19. Based on performance, I find it both expensive and poor...
  20. For me, I find eBay classified ads just sit there. With auctions, at least you get interest (yet not always real buyers), plus there's a sense of urgency for a quicker turnover. I've tried price up, down, left, right... Car on side of the road priced up. 1 viewer who phoned up wanting to view, yet when we met she didnt want a red car and didnt think she wanted a cabriolet! Idiots.... Genuinely a lovely car. Perhaps a bit miley at 133k but is the S-Tronic with Factory Nav so seems (and looks) like a cheap car to me! Autotrader is expensive. I only had 2 calls last time on a cheap but mint Audi A5 M-Tronic (Black with Tan leather) - sold it locally... Most people in the area I know are REALLY struggling this month with the exception of my mate whos beat his August record and has done about 25+ this month!
  21. 2007 Audi TT Roadster S-tronic in Red. Full screen Nav, 19" alloys, 2 Owners, 133k with FSH... Proper car in A1 original condition. Had it about 4 months... Lovely car. 3 x eBay auctions later (3 "buyers" - none of whom even viewed it)... #1 @ £5150 didn't contact. #2 @ £4350 had to pick it up within 3 hours after the auction ended as was going to Poland the next day (didn't check that was OK with me first - which it wasn't) #3 at £3700 "didn't expect to get it that cheaply" and then asked "is there anything wrong with it?". Turns out the poor man "bought it for his wife as a surprise" in an "attempt to save his marriage" but "she doesn't like the colour" (Can't make this stuff up)... Now advertised at £4895 or best offer. Not a sniff...
  22. What happened with the V60R ? Ended up refunded on the car (Mini) so just £half a days prep and a £full valet down.... Sorry for the late reply. Been sitting here this month awaiting the phone to ring and don't think it's working
  23. Got a 2006 Golf GTi DSG like that... full spec, best I've seen. Drives perfectly when cold and when moving. After that, it's a kangaroo at low speed On/Off. Done my nuts on it... Motronic unit, gearbox replacement... but still the same. Been sitting around for 6m or so...
  24. Problem here is same buyers for all cars - ie a lot of public. It makes a lot of cars too expensive for me to make worthwhile, as it's not possible to get to the standard I want them to be prepped to.