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  1. Thought you said BCA run an excellent service? Perhaps now you might understand why i told them to bugger off when they started emailing me less than 24 hours demanding to know when i will pick up when i have 6 days to pick up...
  2. You dont like my tone because am pointing out the obvious? Well Simon Pearce i dont like your tone when you demand an "introduction" from newbies. If you dont like mine then call 999. Getting sick of the attitude of Certain members on here thinking they can trample on others Oh i feel left out Mr grumpy bulgarian who thinks hes always right. You instigated this. Trying to look down on me earlier saying i dont know business principles as am an ex council fella.. And now you cannot handle the retaliation? Perhaps you learn to inspect a car properly before taking it in part ex and then it doesnt fire up..and you sit on here moan about it...
  3. As stated earlier if different coloured cards offer you x days to pay and x days to collect then you should be left to it. If you dont then you will be charged accordingly. I can fully understand if a car has been left for 2 weeks without payment and or collection. Yes call them. But if you're in your allowance why call up? That was my original query but some boys with their pals on here always like to corner others on these forum very quickly (especially new members). Sorry to disappoint you boys but that sort of shit dont work with me Perhaps you should go over the thread AD. Certain members on here always like to pounce. Am simply spelling the obvious out. As i always state treat others how they treat you. AND treat others how you want to be treated. Am fine am just sick of the selected few on here that like to pounce on others threads just to take the piss and newbies always get slaughterd... And most leave saying "how can new members join" Again i am pointing the obvious out. Like it or lump it mate but i dont take bs.
  4. How is the finance only strategy going on? Starting to wonder for your mental health Nick. The spontaneous random threads from finance only to issuing cheap obd readers are random times of the day... Mid life breakdown? Poor family relationship? Exactly what i meant a few days ago when I said i rather earn something decent and live a healthy life than breath eat shit talk cars...
  5. It is not possible to build a relationship with the purchase team unless you buy from one branch. I don't have specific branches and buy from whichever branch and 95% is all online and rarely go in to bid on the day.
  6. Clearly that suspicious mentality is embedded. This is why traders are hated upon and are known to just take your money. People treat others how you treat them.
  7. Newbie account? Jeez is this forum really full of judgemental folk? Account is 2 years old. Far from a newbie... As i said its standard for online. But had you bothered to see my posts it clearly says i was present at the time of sale and that i have never received calls when in person. I might have been light had i received a call. But for them to drop an email and say there is no number is utter bollocks. Perhaps i live a life off this forum and dont pounce on here every 5 seconds when i cant fart and dont bitch about my customers and curse them like dirt and treat them with respect? Perhaps some of you should treat your customers with respect. You need your customers more than BCA. No customers = no business Doubt most of you are aware that a simple google search links you to straight to your bitchy posts on here... Dont think your customers will appreciate being slagged off at every given moment...
  8. There can still be a delay in your service. Whilst you can put a reference number in that's fantastic. The payment system will not automatically link this to your account with service provider and may be manually checked. But as stated previously it's a waste of time in the first place. Why would one be concerned over few hundred quid with a hpi company if he really is a big fish. Its beyond my thoughts obviously.
  9. Well that's poor business sense if you ask me. If you have enough in the kitty... Am sure you do... And you dont want an interruption in your service... Then you will pay it... So why not pay when its due? Just causing more stress for yourself. Its poor management of time. Online banking is no different... You will still have to notify the company as how will they know who has made the payment and for which service (on their end). I rest my case with you Nick. I have seen many posts from you on here and sometimes you just go on to the extent to prove you are right when you're not. You are a try Bulgarian my friend.
  10. Come on man it's been a month. Must have some stories. Whats your stock? Sorry if you posted them in the advanced member forum. I dont have access to that.
  11. I know how to kick up a fuss and make a formal complaint... Il end up getting a few free hammers They cannot ban you for telling them to shake up their act...and to read their own policies
  12. Its not outstanding. I have 3 days to pay. After 3rd day it becomes outstanding hence you incur charges. And Nick for ghe record if everyone raised their concerns believe me you the little people at the desks at BCA will complain to management. Within a moment management will change their policies. At the moment you ask them something all they say is "company policy" Anyone else notice the price increase in fees? Were you all written to informing you of these? No. Are they on display at BCA? No. Why? Because its management policy. Its utter bollocks but if you dont like something you stand up. Otherwise the other party will think "fcuk em if they dont like it and if they moan they can kick up a fuss and we'll change our policy" Just like with road tax. You dont receive a reminder anymore. This is why they have direct debit. If you missed your payment its your problem. And if you missed it expect a clamp! I might be an old council bloke to most of you on gere but trust me i do know my stuff. I have prosecuted many people. At court your always asked did you inform Mr x of a b c and d? What evidence do you have to prove this? And Nick again for the record whilst it might be "wise" to pay late as possible in fact your wasting more time...ringing them up... Listening to a xmas jingle for 20 mins to make a payment... If you have a direct debit setup with cash in there... Then you wouldn't need to waste time calling them... Time is money... And a businessman should know this
  13. BCA grading varies from site to site. I once bought a grade 3 online. Weng there it was a grade 5. Forced them to revalue it as they wouldn't refund me as they firmly believed it was grade 3. It came up as a 4. But it was a 5 by a mile off!! Just made a topic about BCA and been told i need them more than they need me and we should be good little boys and accept BCAs bs...
  14. See with that approach Thats why they have gone the way they have. Because customers pamper them and they think they can do what they want. There are plenty of posts on here where bca have been harsh... I found it rude as she knew my name and decided to not put it in. This same branch try to fob me off before with a key that waz broken and claimed its still 2 keys... I really think it is extra work for the staff and annoyance for customers when they have to confirm everything... How many of you guys have actually challenged this? I ask this because once I had a call from bca to confirm the online purchase. And i asked if i said i didnt bid on it what would you do? He said it will be down to you to prove it. Sorry Nick but the world is not always a nice cushty place (and you shouldn't have outstanding balances!) In fact yesterday at the rostrum i asked the lady if i forgot my card and gave you my account number is that ok? She said no we would then take you to the cashiers to confirm you are the account holder. Yet then they confirm it again? Maybe i am losing my marbles...
  15. Those are the sad people that work at smaller councils. The real jobs worth. London councils are relaxed. Places like oxford and smaller district councils you have to tell your colleague when you go to the loo... It's generally qualifications like masters or building control etc AD i didnt do the funding allocation. I did the small donkey work. Its all the big boys that allocate the funding like cllrs and leaders and directors etc