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  1. David is on a role, all the best for the weekend as we are expecting a busy 1
  2. Lol. We will take our chances. Interesting topic though because if it did come down to dealers charging for fuel im sure it wouldn't be long before the auction houses jumped on the band wagon and started charging for the fuel in the car. Wonder what op thinks about that
  3. Difference is ours is a mercedes and not a citroen
  4. We have a car in stock which came with a full tank of petrol in it and I can assure you the customer will not get a penny off as its a cracking car with good history full mot and bonus its got a full tank. Can't ever imagine us saying oh its an extra £50 for the fuel in it
  5. made my day with this, good 1
  6. Never have issues with them to be honest, might be that you have advertised it to low and are attracting the wrong customers, maybe you need to put the price up
  7. So after a bit of messing about with the car today have discovered that the gear is actually working and not broken, we put power directly to the motor and the roof opens and closes but soon as you plug it back into the light panel it just seems to make a clicking noise checked all 3 fuse boxes and all fine. Would it be a case of new light panel as it's faulty or a bad relay some where? Thanks for the input everybody much appreciated
  8. Thanks guys for advice will try some grease from dealers if not auto electrician it is
  9. Hi guys hope you are all well and safe. Quick 1 here bought a mercedes e320 2007 with panoramic roof now before we send it off to our auto electrician is there a easy fix? Have tried the reset and pulling fuse 9 with no joy. The blind and roof won't hope just a clicking noise when pressing the button, is it a case of a new motor or is there something else to look out for? Thanks in advance
  10. Just live and learn from it im sure you wont buy from multi vendor again. Experienced traders wouldn't touch this vendor but hope people like you with not much experience im guessing pay top dollar for they're heap of junk they have put back in to the block in the multi vendor section.
  11. Had a similar problem with a vw golf only few lights would come on and everything else was dead. Had a mobile electrician out and it turned out to be a bad relay which was £10. Could be worth looking at as the symptoms sound about the same just a different car
  12. Talking about masks just on the way to collect and a car from down south decided to get on the train, fucking he'll I'm only 20 minutes and and the warm air from my mouth is so annoying I just feel like taking it off hats off to all the drs and nurses who have had to wear this for 12-13 hour shift I tell you they not easy to keep on
  13. This won't work seriously. If you are not shifting enough stock then maybe it's time to adapt like Ad said and see where it takes you.