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  1. if messaging someone who mentioned they would be interested in learning about that kind of service is not allowed then ban me? I dont mind being removed from the forum if that is not allowed. We sell new and used cars, and like contracts said, there aint many people doing that in the UK Apologies for sending it to the wrong person, you will find you and him were the only people i sent that too and yes, we are looking for partnerships in 2019, thats not a sin.
  2. apologies the message was to Contracts (above) its not a sale pitch and only in response to his post
  3. im sure we had automart in the 70s and 80s , my bad You commented on my post mr Ex Council, dont go throwing your insults around. Im not offering my services thank you ,,,, you clearly wouldnt understand anyway. utter nonsense is your lack of knowledge about modern marketing...
  4. you stick to dishing out leaflets mate and also placing adverts in automart ;-) to your every shrinking marketplace... Suggest you go and read what the manufacturers are saying about the market and where people will be buying cars in 5-10 years.. go speak to people who know instead of your grandma !!
  5. Most of FB is a gimmick, however some of the internals are not, have you ever felt like you have been followed around? (Remarketing) Most of the worlds brands are on FB and for a good reason it works for some however i will agree its difficult to find the right audiences, some rewards can be made. Agree about the £500 cash thing, however one group owner i know earns well over £100k from simply running his group... It all depends which market you are in I suppose... facebook messenger and whatsapp are the best tools on there, speaking directly to potential customers is way better than having them trawl off to look at 100 cars
  6. Using business manager for FB is the first thing you need to look at installing conversion pixels too is the next thing, these are placed on thank you pages when people contact you from your website a regular splattering of posts about cars and also the services you can offer. you can target specific people in specific areas , example bmw's to accountants and vans to plumbers etc... (audiences) you can use things such as facebook leads ,where the visitor sends a prefilled enquiry to you , there is literally loads and loads to look at my biggest tip is to ensure your conversions are setup so you can monitor which campaigns work. Generally BMWs and Audis work better than corsas and fiestas feel free to message me and i can point you in the right direction.
  7. this forum is new to me, and whilst i see your point, i just went through things relevant to me , ive run forums before and thats generally what happens when people get excited about something new maybe read all my posts then pass judgement , instead of looking at one
  8. ive been to 247 and there are some lovely people, together with floors full of highly trained staff ;-) i see your point
  9. why? I used to own a cricket equipment shop, the owner at the time said "nobody would buy a £200 cricket bat online" , he ate his words, as more and more people bought online , even £400 cricket bats without them being seen. Do people really need to see their cars these days, some buyers are that desperate for any car they would buy without seeing... Ar we going to see a "buy it now" type car industry?
  10. followers and likes are not the way forward with FB, actually they mean very little apart from giving you a score. With FB you need engagement, the more people who engage with your posts, the more people will see your future posts. To test this, go visit a random FB page and then wait and you will see it in your timeline. I use paid advertising on FB, its difficult and expensive but can yield good results, if you havent learned about facebook pixels, you need to , feel free to message me i dont mind passing on some advice
  11. 247 may then stop sending their client to your dealership, the car finance broker network could soon change, if brokers are getting annoyed with car dealers doing exactly this. what then happens when 247 and other major players in the network start selling cars themselves and bypass the car dealer network. They could make more £££ . PPC on google is now at an all-time high £14 per click for some keywords, brokers will either die or morph into one stop car shops?
  12. totally understand that, im with you, however are they doing the public an injustice? ps some franchised dealers are rubbish too ;-)
  13. Having spent over £30,000 advertising on Facebook over the past few years, I wondered if other car dealers/brokers used FB to market their cars and what experience have you had with it. We had no problem getting the audiences, however contacting the applicants who came from FB has been a nightmare. Anybody else seen the same?
  14. Motornet is one of many websites we have , along with hooch motor group and cort vehicles. is this usually how new members are treated on here? harsh and not true - I sell new and used cars both traditional pitch and online