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  1. I used the Autosmart Evo 3 for years and they recently changed forumula and it now comes in a black bottle, not as good so im swapping back to Farcela G3 Liquid Compound. You are best to use a Rotary Polisher (Mop to people like me and you)
  2. Sent on 19th December, Cheque hasn't cleared and I haven't heard a thing from them yet!
  3. Fiver looks great!! Im well impressed
  4. Ive never heard of them, if its a do it yourself logo company then im not interested as I am looking for something spectacular, I want a really good stand out Logo!
  5. Looking for a Logo Designer to redesign my Logo, not happy with current the guy not answering the phone or doing what I ask. Preferably someone who knows the Car Trade and Can come up with a Stand out Design. Looking to add Business Cards, Signage, Clothing, Etc....
  6. All of a sudden I feel very young! Hahaha
  7. Some of these so called traders sell some right sh!t, some of the stories I get told are quite unbelievable! I had one guy come to buy a Kia Sorento off me and the one he'd just been to see had a starting issue, the seller had bodged a can of easy start into the door panel with a tube from the can nozzle end, he'd drilled a hole through the side of the door into the engine bay where the pipe was fed to the air intake, so every time you got in to start the car he said it just needed a couple of squirts and it would start without even opening the engine! Hahahaha
  8. Possibly, but its the way I am and I can't do the job any other way, I find some people are still really picky even on my mint stuff which just winds me up as I know whats out there and mine are amongst the best on offer. But the good thing is when you get a customer thats been elsewhere or looking for a while they really appreciate a good clean honest car and are often taken back and say "we've seen some right sh1t" which of course signals to me that this is now in my hands and no negotiations are going to be happening. I think if I move onto the newer stock then il have no problem in the prep, its just a bigger market place with more choice, I will need to choose wisely and try to work out whats going to sell well and what isn't
  9. Couldn't of agreed more, this is what im good at, I go to town on every car I have in stock regardless of age or condition, I do whats needed to bring it right back up to the best it can be. I spend alot of time on prep, advertising, photos, etc...
  10. Agree with you here but I already prep to the highest standards possible even on the cheap stuff Never had much luck with high mileage stuff, when you say miley newer stuff, what sort of mileage would you consider as miley? Thanks for your insight, this is one of the main reasons im trying to move on up a level aswell, to escape the bidding wars im currently finding myself in with a certain few other dealers who sell there stock under market value and with no prep, no warranty and they just bid bid bid and often I have to pay too much, its always the same faces and they end up taking it personally and in the end they bid on what ever im bidding on even if they don't really want it! Thanks, the cosmetic prep isn't a problem to me, I always prep to a very high standard, what im trying to do is escape the repair bills ive been getting of late, the cars im buying are end of life and im having to put extra money into them to bring them up to road worthy condition, I am hoping to eliminate this by buyer newer stock. Thanks, what do you find sells better the low mileage older stuff ot the newer high mileage stuff? and what is your golden rule on maximum mileage to buy? Interesting take on things, I didn't look at it this way. What I tend to get is alot of guys looking for an estate car to use as a van, instead of a van, some have said its more of a disguise to thieves, as they've had there vans broke into numerous times and kit stolen
  11. Hi Everyone I have currently been selling cars for around £1500 and under £2000 and its time to move on. The stock is getting harder to find now in good clean condition and the margins are getting lower and im finding every car needing repairs and the bills are taking away my profits. I want to start buying some better stock, slightly more expensive stuff but unsure of the market place as such, Maybe some £2495 stuff and some £2995 stuff and maybe some £3995 stuff and some £4995 stuff. So my question is really what makes and models to steer clear of and what sells good at this price point! I have in the past done well with Diesel Estate Cars, and Mainly Peugeot/Citroen stuff as I think it ages well with no rust and people tend to like them at the lower end of the Market. However moving on up I want to stock what ever is going to sell the easiest and what is going to have the best profit margins in. Things I always try to do well are find a car with decent miles and full service history with low owners, this has worked for me in the past but I need to be more target specific with brands of car and types of car. I have never really sold sports or performance cars, I kind of stuck with the Family kind of stuff as the customers are generally easier to deal with. Any pointers out there? For example I know some guys sell Jags, some sell VW / Audi, Some sell 4x4, I just want to be able to see a car and spot the value in it right away, for this ive mainly stuck with Diesel cars as most of the petrol stuff ive struggled with but its so diverse out there its unbelievable! Any help / advice greatly appreciated
  12. Thanks, you make it sound so easy, I sell alot of French cars, Peugeot & Citroen but not sure this is going to be successful with the slightly newer stock as the market seems saturated with them, I do well with Estates and Family stuff, unsure weather to move onto sporty stuff or German stuff such as VW, Audi, ? Interesting point you made about the £2000 being the new £1295, I will pay more attention to this! No im in Leicester, DBcars isnt my trading name, I just used that as a Forum name! Thanks thats very reassuring! Thanks Kelly thats super helpful, it did cross my mind but some of the valets we do take 1 full day and would probably cost in excess of £100 for a mobile guy to be able to take a wage out of it... some stuff just wants a quick clean though so might be an option. This has become one of the most challenging areas for me as handing the responsibility over to someone else to valet the cars to a high standard as me and then paying them a wage... Stressful, so will certainly look at sub contracting someone!! Thanks will check my Inbox! £30 to £40 a valet sounds perfect to me! Im going to try and find a good mobile guy, any tips? will he use his own materials etc..? Thank you. Are any of you guys on the Facebook Car Dealers or the IMDA Groups ?
  13. Im clearing the older stock as its becoming nothing but trouble to me and the margins are becoming less and less with repair bills so im going to try and move up into the slightly more expensive stuff in a hope to have more profit margin and less hassle prepping cars for sale. I have 2 cars left in stock, I normally stock around 7-10 cars at anytime, I have limited space until I move to new premises which has stopped me from growing the business forward. I currently use Autotrader on a Pay as you go basis, I sold around 100 cars last year (2017) the year before (2016) was probably a better year with around 120 cars and this year has picked up again with around 130 cars for (2018) Most of my current stock is £995, £1495, £1995 stuff Im hoping to buy better stock but a bit unsure of what price range to be aiming for before people start needing finance etc, im thinking cars from £2000 - £5000 with the odd few cheap bits, I have done well off the cheap stuff in the past and most of it you can have £400 - £600 out of at cars under £1500 and they sell quick but just lately ive hit a bad patch of cars that are needing £200-£300 worth of prep to get them right before sale and its completely taking my profit and the fun away. Just a couple of ugandan pigeons in there sir !