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  1. Hi, TLDR - yes we got the money paid to us okay in the end. Based on our experience and the comments here - I think it was a fraud thing, and the bank just behaved badly. The customer stayed in contact with us, and transfered the money again (after trying for a discount - which muddied the waters). That then got 'frozen', i.e. showed in our account but wasn't cleared/available funds. It took a number of calls/emails with our and his bank to get these funds released to us over the following 24/48 hours. All been fine since. You could never get any details out of the banks, other than we had to provide sale invoice and other paperwork (can't remember what now) - so I presume he triggered some sort of red flag for them.
  2. If you go to the Gov.uk website to check if a car is taxed and input the registration, at the bottom of the information page that comes up, after the vehicle details it will say "You may be able to tax this vehicle at a Post Office Branch that deals with vehicle tax without the V5C registration certificate." which indicates its in the trade.
  3. Hi, would you be happy to say if that was for the Basic, Plus, or Premium 'package' please (in terms of features you get)? We are looking at adding on eBay Motors to existing AT advertising to try it. Also, did you call them and easily get that price (its listed as £298 pm for 10 cars on their website), or was this off the back of them calling you? Many thanks.
  4. Ah! That’s great, thanks. I can see my bid of £6,700 and that it sold for £6,900.
  5. Hi all, I left a couple of proxy bids online with BCA today for first time (as I’m away), and was surprised at the lack of information shown / received. Do you get any information at all? I though the bids may show up in MyBCA, but there’s nothing there (under active bids, or lost bids). One car didn’t sell (no green or yellow dot next to it), and again I heard nothing from BCA. I rang them and it was withdrawn as wrongly listed and it will be re-entered next Monday. Just seems a bit of an information ‘black hole’.
  6. Hi All, Firstly, the customer has made the payment again, and I have received the funds again. This was after making it clear to the customer I wasn't renegotiating the price, and they needed to make payment again, or I was coming to get the car. To answer some of the questions above, the payment appears to have come from a personal account (also HSBC if that makes a difference) as the credit narrative contains their name (rather than any sort of business name, but of course it could be a sole trader account). The transaction type is 'BP' - which I understand is bill payment/faster payment in HSBC parlance. He made the payment to me, as people do, on his phone while buying the car (and using his security token thing) - so I don't think it would be a BACS/CHAPS payment. Once I have recovered I will make a formal compliant to HSBC and see what they say (if anything), but I have no bank manager or particular sway. I just speak with the 'phone banking call centre whenever I do call. How did he get it recalled - saying its a fraudulent transaction - that is my suspicion but I have nothing to base it on, and given he used his security token and his 'phone app how he gets the bank to agree it's fraud - I don't know. The bank recalled it themselves of their own bat - this is another possibility (after all the guy answered my calls, and has paid the money again) if they thought it was suspicious. However, normally they don't let the payment go through in the first place and you have to hang around while the customer calls their bank and gets the payment 'released'. Just reversing it 24 hours later seems unacceptable. I may taken some time, but I will post any further details / information. Thanks all.
  7. Hi all, 1st post, new account. I have been in the trade for a number of years working in sales for various manufacturers, about 18 months ago I started for myself selling from home. I sold a car yesterday, and received the funds by Faster Payment as usual. Today the transaction was reversed, and the funds taken back out of my account. This is a business account at HSBC, and the bank didn't contact me about this. The bank are being cagey about why, but reading between the lines the customer has said the payment was made by mistake. I have spoken to the customer (who is at least answering the 'phone at present), and he is denying asking for the payment back - but is now trying to renegotiate the price. I will call him back again shortly, when I've calmed down a little bit. First - I'm shocked the payment can be recalled 24 hours later (or at all). Secondly - what would your advise be at this point please? Thanks. Miles.