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  1. I have had ex police stuff out there before, went on a couple of times recently & they are silly money now! Plenty of bidders out there with no margin of error left in there bid price
  2. Despite the stocking loans, Is BCA getting to the stage of Monoply's commission stuff Own The Biggest Auction (BCA), Own the most used price guide (Cap) & buy the most used cars in the country (webuyanycar) Have too much hold over the full Job
  3. I have asked my bank in the past about this & they say its ok, but I have my doubts if its 100% safe even though I take transfers a lot. I am pretty sure that an international bank transfers can be taken back before the start of the next banking day The car job these days is a risky business, so many scammers out there
  4. If you've got a breaker licence to buy it a 2018 Bmw with no body damage would be a great breaker Some cat b's used to make it to the road but after the categories changed so did the chance to get them on the road One rule I use after many years, don't try to make sense of why a car has a certain category as in some cases it just doesn't make sense
  5. I would stick to your current business direction & if you want to earn extra money, get training in paintless dent removal this can be good money & fits nicely with your current business Dent man can earn £200 quid a day Get known in the trade as a place to go for a solution to a problem & the customers will flood in. If you do a bit of buying & selling plus detailing you might end up being known as a jack of all trades. and if you really want to do some cars, keep it as a now & then thing so you still get some fun out of it Thanks Charlie
  6. Bmw 4 Cylinder petrol, insignia's, ecoboost 1.0, they are on the total ban list
  7. Oh my god that must be some relief, get some professional advice maybe even from the car dealer club lawyers
  8. Crap on crap but things can change, fingers crossed I've gave up trying to work this job out a long time ago!
  9. I Agree, If I sell a vehicle in one months of advertising I'm happy & within 3 months its meet a realistic expectation
  10. It just the way it works unfortunately, I bet light fittings are the best bidders in some auction halls I bet they have a button under the counter for online bids these days, that takes away the art of reading the auctioneer & room
  11. I used to have loads of Bmw's from the 80's & 90's, they were great cars in all engine sizes I just don't bother with the four cylinder ones anymore especially the petrol ones
  12. You need to find a garage to do the basic checks, if they sound like they are going to make a big job of it, move to the next What area are you inn
  13. After reading the comments & the jobs you have had done Your water level soundn't keep on dropping, maybe after the first drive after having a water pump done but not after then If It is the headgaket has gone, it sounds like cylinders to water system, this will increase pressure in the water system & can make other water system parts fail due to over pressure. you won't get any mayonnaise, could get missing, might only leak at certain temps so could pass a compression test. If your not fully into mechanics, its similar what happens when you use a soda stream machine, the bottle being the water system & the gas being the pressure leaking from the cylinders. To start with the basics, run the engine for a few mins & check how hard the top hose is, drive for 5 mins & check it again, repeat, if the pipe gets rock hard, I would say its the headgasket. Then go to a garage & have a sniff test done(some liquid that changes colour with exahaust gases) cheap & easy test with no stripping down You might not know how to judge the hardness of the hose, if not try another car to compare In regards to having the water pump checked, if you have an external leak you won't get water system pressure & the top hose will be soft, not a bad thing as then it could just be a badly fitting pipe then etc. Thanks
  14. Scam, leave it, not worth the risk
  15. Rang up again today & they said it has been processed, the cheque still hasn't gone out though