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  1. It was averaging 9 to the gallon and with £500+ a year VED I was surprised it got the interest it did. Sounded great though! The 525i sold. 3rd viewing that day....2nd person to view claimed the lack of a service book made the service report and invoices for services meaningless and that it had no service history. Go figure. the phone has been ringing and it’s dropped quiet, for now
  2. Surprisingly well, 4 so far (target of 8) including a 4.8i E70 X5 that was only in for 6 days....expected to be sat on that a while but the phone never stopped ringing. Just had 3 guys look round a 1 owner 07 525i m sport only to tell me the excessive steam from the tailpipe means the head has gone. Smiled, took the key and wished them well. NEXT