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  1. iv'e had that happen before, mid update quite often change every quarter especially if you have not logged in for a while, sounds daft but try this - they often use spring, summer, autumn,winter as passwords, try summer and you might get in.
  2. yes i know the company , my father traded with tom in the late 70s - 80s,the traders around the midlands in those days would all congregate at the old measham auction, i would get dragged up there as a teenager loved it, you could roll up in a lumpy trade car and drive straight in and park up next to the main hall in those days, much trading was done in the car park, tom was a good buyer of range rover, merc 's especially TE wagons, and anything rolls royce, for lumpy cars it would be measham tuesday's and northampton on a thursday, some trader at northampton would do a collection with his hat - sign a £20 quid note and they would have a draw for the pot, proper arthur daily stuff... iv'e bought a few swappers off them in recent years through autotrademail when it was in its prime 2004-2010, his sales manager was a nice fella, tom will probably say different but thats understandable as he left and set up a similar company up the road with one of toms customers, they are - kaaimans international, nottingham. rory - not sure about SOR, its not toms style and that industry is currently in chaos due too a few high players going under owing multi millions to customers, , one of the reasons why tom jnr went his own way, the high end clients expect brokerage sor and zero exposure, going back to the tom senior interview - the record price for a car that he touched on, that was sold through tom jnr, the car being the ex 1937 mercedes w125 gp car - ex bernie ecclestone who is one of juniors customers, the same place that juniors recent gp cars came from, ex lauda ferrari, and the ex james h.unt mac m23
  3. if you are into exotica or classics check out the d.k youtube channel. the setup and stuff they have on site is mind boggling, the separate storage facility even more so (they supplied and maintain many of these). a lot of them have "divisions" regarding accounting so it takes a bit of working out, but if we are talking about who is earning more rather than doing the job better its tom jnr, last accounts showing 5 times more turnover and 5 times more profit than tom senior, bolstered by the sale this year of the lord banford 250gto at 30+million, (jcb empire) impressive stuff. as for company value, d.k out in front, just one of david cottinghams own cars being currently worth more than the total combined hartley stock.
  4. .I think so, the market leader is, light years ahead in facilities / customer service / client base / high end stock, and company value. others doing the job just as good and some better, william loughran, tom jnr,, taylor and crawley, duncan hamilton, kidston, furlonger, max girado, lawton brook, redline, top555, octane, vvs, amari, romans, hairpin, and others, a lot of these folks are highly regarded, none of them feel the need to slate the opposition through media platforms. I like tom and love the fact he cares not about the snobbery amongst some of these type of customers, it just gets a bit tedious when he has a poke at the opposition
  5. Hats off to him for what he has achieved (the start up money came from his uncles carpet business - his words not mine). Sadly, its often said if someone feels the need to say they respect someone then its quite often the opposite in reality, his regular rubbishing and resentment of anyone else in the trade is becoming his trademark, and the total opposite of what he claims in this interview, god knows why he feels the need to do this as he has nothing to prove, its clear he has a bee in his bonnet towards anyone else working in this sector, especially those who are doing the job better of which there are plenty regardless of what he claims. Its also well known he's not the best employer either, if you want to work out who the true tom is forget books and interviews, simply read down his twitter feed and you will soon work it out, his rant for today - we hate bank holidays and letting it be known your'e a lazy b...stad if you do, it's usually a dig at his valeters, classy.
  6. whats not decent about it? its not ideal but will work for some surely,
  7. a retailer i spoke with came up with a decent solution, after meeting the customer and being happy they are genuine - use the company hack and go out together, they follow you = your route at your pace.
  8. exactly, thank you. just to confirm the last scheme cars were mostly sub £1k shitters that the customer got £3k for in swap. clueless, you cant even grasp what a trade buyer / franchise underwriter is, iv'e had no need to stand in an auction for 20+ years.
  9. unlikely, or in that case it makes your assumption on the type of customers even more ridiculous, i'll quote you - every make mainly from retirees buying their last car, that type of customer did not even amount to 5%, your starting to embarrass yourself. any idea what the franchises opinion on the latest banded around scheme is? i would be interested to know your thoughts on it and how you know, if it makes sense i'll even give you my thoughts - based on being in daily contact with many franchises up and down the country.
  10. try asking what my thoughts are based on rather than presuming all the time, i currently underwrite for most franchises as a trade buyer and have done for 30+ years, i also sell late stock to franchises, i was well aware of what profile the last scrappage scheme cars were as i was there to see it with my own eyes, yes some gems got lost but in the scheme of things they were few and far between, your strange exact profilling of the type of customer who took up the scheme is laughable, an opinion obviously formed by reading historic articles and listening to bullshit whilst standing at the block, one things for sure - you were not walking in and out of franchises in 2009 on a daily basis to see what actually happened, unlike myself.
  11. I wouldn't expect an idiot to understand it, especially one who wasn't even in the job during the last scrappage scheme. sounds like your still in a mood because your sole source of stock is still closed.
  12. It's not the problem you think it is, nor was it last time round, granted some gems were lost in the last scrappage scheme but the bulk of the swappers were tat, exactly how it was intended. the only loss to the franchises were the sales managers who lost their bung money off the banger traders, it was 2k gov contribution and 1k from the manufacturer, the gov money only appearing after confirmation off collection by an appointed scrap dealer, hence nothing could go missing. the only loss to the used car trade was the lads selling and relying on sub £1k shite, and they were not that bothered anyway as the supply of that stuff is constant anyway. if the scheme comes back it will be good news for franchises ,and good news for proper used car dealers selling decent £2-3k cars who have it hard competing with cowboys selling un-prepped sub £1500 junk. as for the lost gems, well last time they really were few and far between, it certainly wasn't the great mint older car cull that people imagined or presumed happened, the only shock was how many folks with £200 cars who were in the market for a new motor..... if you are worried about another scheme and your stock profile is all sub £1k sold as seen tat then you are either a busy fool or need to find a new career.
  13. I don't think government will be keen in the short term to introduce incentives towards new cars, they are well aware that the manufacturers have an ace up their sleeve in the form of that age old secret - how much does the manufacturer make per unit... it's well known the franchisee has circa 10-20% margin which they can choose to give away, but the factory margin has always been a mystery, and with the current trend to build many group models off the same chassis / platform the margin is rumoured to be as much as 50-60% on some models, so as you can imagine there is plenty of scope for the new car industry to give itself a good push, and then there is the issue of manufacturers not wanting to loose presence / franchisee's in most area's, we will likely see an inevitable reduction in franchise's as some already had the wobbles pre covid, and the industry was already re-sizing with remaining franchisee's being given more catchment area, i would expect to see new car incentives by the manufacturer sooner rather than later and possibly backed by factory 0% finance. who's going to loose? i would imagine the car supermarkets are currently bricking it, they don't have much else to give away in the way of incentives, and the mid year final FCA rules review is due any day soon which is likely to cap finance commission, the business model of deal profit rather than chassis profit linked to multi sub prime lenders coupled to large site overheads may well be about to go tits up, that would be good news for most on here...
  14. Exclusivity for certain buyers online i think will be unlikely, the vendors are watching closely and will be in no mood for cars coming up £short due to a limited audience, some vendors are already looking to dispose of stock elsewhere and the auctions know that achieving the expected returns for vendors in the next few months is crucial , so expect the likes of bca and manheim to drop their guard and allow jo-po to buy online too, they are well aware that the multi vendor crap is reliant on a certain customer so a change in rules is inevitable. As for actually being at an auction, don't be surprised if certain group / supermarket buyers get an invite to attend pre-sale to inspect stock and leave bids, the ones that hoover up in volume the better stuff at the better sales.
  15. I could say it's just another well funded e-commerce parasite company trading out of an office who think an established industry need this, but i won't in case i get told off by james