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  1. Ofcourse i tried google , In fairness it brings up old USA and Canada adds but no Uk adds.. Google can be a mans best friend at times
  2. Tried it, only brings up a site that can bring up old adverts in USA/Canada.
  3. Sorry i should have said, it isnt my own advert.
  4. Is there anyway you can get a deleted advert up on Autotrader? Its only deleted about 2-3 weeks max if that makes any difference. We can view 'Archives' adds here on a few NI selling websites but cant seem to find any on Autotrader.
  5. Anyone here trade from Manchester? We are heading over on Thursday for a wedding on Friday and i was looking at BCA and Manhiem to see what was going through that day, at the moment there doesn't seem to be anything for me going through although it is early days so will keep checking the listings. Anyone have a few trade in's while im over there incase i dont get anything bought? I hate wasting a journey. Give me a message if you's have anything, Thanks!
  6. Who is the admin? Its ok, found one, thanks for the help
  7. .. in all seriousness though who do i email now as the email address provided is no longer the person in charge?
  8. I sent an email away to join the private forum, i got a reply saying said admin has now left, who do i contact now to send my details too? Thanks in advance.
  9. Had this on a Clio before, i ordered up 2 new fronts just to keep the customer happy and it made no difference whatsoever! She still bought though thankfully lol
  10. No tacho needed for 3.5 as said. Id be completely lost without my lorry, i mostly use it to move my own stuff about, saves me taking a driver with me. Anyone ever come across anything like this please drop me a message, cheers!
  11. Ive a 05 one here and id be lost without it! Even for delivering cars that are sold, saves me taking a driver with me. If you see any chassis cabs on your travels give me a bell please!
  12. Long shot, looking to build another recovery lorry and im looking for a nice tidy 2005 transit chassis Cab/luton/tipper. Must be LWB, Nothing over 110k miles and has to be relatively clean. Just incase any of you's happen to have one in stock or know where there is one sitting. Thanks in advance!