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  1. Cheers pal, hats off to those who weren't acting like arseholes lol..
  2. Yes its fine tbh i didnt know what else to put when i signed up, iv actually got nothing to do with motortrade was just after advice but people take forums to seriously lol... and thanks il just leave em they look better than before atleast lol
  3. Yeah just after advice, theres always one who has to police the net! Ive changed it now hopefully the 'Stalker' will get a good nights sleep... lol
  4. Yes I did Didnt know what else to put? Jheeze
  5. Hi all sorry im new here was reading up on oxidised headlights and a quick google search brought me here :), just a quick question I have used Holts headlight restore kit which worked amazingly good, however after a few days the headlights have started becoming hazey again, is this normal or have I not done something correctly? It was 4 stages of wet sanding, polishing and then using a uv sealant spray.. Im not sure if its the best it will get but after spraying the sealant letting it sit then buffing it out the headlight looks greasey and has become slightly hazey again over the few days? Tried to upload pics but wont allow me to... any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks...