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  1. Better hope I can take some deposits while I sunbath by the pool then.
  2. Thanks I am not very organised I go away tomorrow morning! I didn't think it would be an issue as its not a full month.
  3. I am off on holiday for two weeks and I wanted to suspend my AutoTrader Account for the duration I've seen a few on here mention doing it. But they have told me I need to give 30 days notice which I'm really not happy about as I'm only suspending for 2 weeks of the month so there is still a charge there for July. Has anyone else done this without giving 30 days notice? Thanks
  4. Can I ask what sort of cars you stock as I've been thinking of doing the same thing but I find ebay works very well for certain cars and not so much for others I do a mix mainly German stuff £5-10k but often performance stuff which gets a lot of interest on ebay but so many time wasters where as autotrader I will get fewer calls and emails but normally leads to the one that counts.
  5. There the ones I buy they seem to work long enough for it not be your problem at least lol For the ones that went on customers I ordered them of ebay to there address and sent them £50 for an hour labour at a garage there not that difficult to do you just have to take the door card off. When there stuck on childlock and completely deadlocked which is what I have with the R32 I'm not sure how I'm going to do it. Before you could open from the inside at least
  6. Ye it's one of those things we all get one every now and again Its probably the biggest issue I've had in a long time so I've been on a good run. One thing with VAG cars recently iv had to pay out for four door locks most on cars that I've sold and they've gone on the customer and 1 on a A5 I have in stock. And now one that's stuck shut on childlock on a mk5 R32 I just bought. There made of shit
  7. It was the oil pump in the mechatronics sent it of to ECU testing for repair. Not too expensive should still turn a small a profit but not really worth the agro.
  8. If your not making profit with probably little to no overheads then I would give up. Wait until you have Vat bills rent and big expenses to pay out like most of us do. Your probably relying on the CAP retail valuation too much unless you have a proper business and come across as such then you will never achieve any where near retail when selling a car especially the sort of cars your buying.
  9. It's with my mechanic now so should find out soon enough. Thanks for the advice everyone will post the outcome
  10. It's done 82k on a 59 plate overall a decent car full service history. I need to get a vagcom and hopefully get a clearer diagnostic.
  11. I've read it with a snapon diagnostic and there were a few codes all related to low pressure in the oil pump which is why I'm thinking it could be low oil. Thinking about nearly every car that's caused me major aggro has been either a VW or an Audi yet I still buy them for some reason.
  12. I bought a scirroco 1.4 Tsi from Blackbushe the other day on collection everything was fine it was only half way home I noticed the gear indicator on the display was flashing. It still drives fine goes into gear ect. But somthing is definitely not right. I'm hoping it's not the mechatronics unit as its still driving OK. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? First thing I'm going to try is a dsg oil and filter change as it had gearbox leak advisory on MOT a couple years ago so worth a shot.
  13. I remove the the flaps and remap them off the ECU so you get no errors. Can help out if your local to East Sussex