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  1. We just screenshot it and put it in our image feed ourselves
  2. Does anyone have somewhere that sells awaiting preparation stickers? thanks Mark
  3. Would you mind sending me pmwith some information on program etc? thanks mark
  4. Is it ista p that gets used?
  5. Yeah you need something that can supply a constant 12v minimum. Diagnostic won’t let you wind back Range Rover rear callipers without it which is a royal pita.
  6. I bought all the bimmer cables to try flash it onto the I drive but it’s a pig to work, can’t get to the bottom of it.
  7. Not always Nick, in our workshop we can update the dsr online but we can’t flash it through to the I drive
  8. Apologies forgot about it till now but I’ve been beaten to it.
  9. I can do it in the morning mate when I’m in the garage
  10. Prices are definitely mental £8600 for a silver TTS that caps clean at £6925, where’s the wages in that?
  11. We use this! Excellent bit of kit for polishing scratches / buffing headlights etc!
  12. I’ve been waiting since March aswell
  13. The book was good! It was an 8/10 from me!
  14. Hookers mate you pay a minimum of an hour generally which I find a bit unfair as I only need about 4 minutes on a good day and that includes getting dressed after
  15. My book arrived hopefully will get a start on it tonight