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  2. Do they sell dummies? Last I heard AD has thrown his out of his pram so he may be on the hunt for another one?
  3. We had this last year with a Kia Sorento, water in fuel light on, new fuel filter and it cured it for a couple of days then light back on. We then dropped the tank and found it to be bright green that looked like shreks piss. Drained and cleaned the tank and all good. Sainsbury’s even paid the bill for the customer too! Thankfully our workshop heater runs on waste oil / diesel so it worked in that and kept us warm for a while
  4. I’m tempted to try it for my track car and see how good it actually is
  5. Do you offer an upgrade option to nitrogen like quick fit?
  6. Thought about buying a dehumidifier? Might work out more cost effective for you.
  7. Quick question here guys, One of my staff whom I do trust, his partner has been in contact with someone who tested positive, both of them got tested yesterday and neither are showing symptoms, now his partner got a phone call telling her and apparently him aswell to isolate for 14 days. Now as far as I can read online he should not be asked to self isolate unless his partner has symptoms which she doesn’t. So if he’s off it leaves the workshop a staff member short and as a result I’ll have to cancel my planned holiday which I’m raging about as I can’t have 2 people off at the one time. Should he have to provide me with any proof of being told to self isolate? Like anything in writing? And does it go as holidays or sick leave? thanks
  8. I had this last week Dave, a customer with a Bmw x35D brought it in for a juddering on gear change when full throttle from standstill and lack of boost from first turbo, Started with a 26 mile range after a few attempts to replicate the fault i was down to a zero range. It infuriates me, it’s not the having to put fuel in it’s the time it takes to do so, ten minute drive then ten minutes drive back and ten minutes to wait in the que as it’s an m&s garage so always people doing their weekly shop. I feel like adding .5 hours labour to their bill for my inconvenience. x5 turned out to be a poor remap issue, reflashed it to original and it’s all good.
  9. A common one we get is I’m a cash buyer who the proceed to whip out a credit / debit card cash means fecking cash!
  10. I only charge an admin fee if the customer is bringing there own finance Company to the table as im having to waste time doing paperwork for no finance commissions
  11. If the range is above 5 miles there’s too much in it but I’m a tight Scottish cun.......
  12. If it’s too good to be true then it usually is.
  13. We will do anywhere mate, been as far down as village called shitterton before Will always aim to have it down to you within a week.