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  1. Thanks for the tips guys will get on the phone tomorrow hopefully some places are still open. It’s for one of our own workshop vans so just trying to make the most of the downtime
  2. Who’s good and cheap for doing the repair on the ecu for water ingress? I had normally used but they just quoted me over £800 I did decline this and just paid their £65 test fee.
  3. Anyone else on a paid package had their direct debit cancelled? I had an email from the bank today saying it’s been cancelled. Does that mean they are following autotraders footsteps?
  4. The mercs already sorned that saves £48 a month
  5. We’re still open and doing Mot’s, very little though. It’s only myself and the apprentice working. He had the option to stay off but he prefers to be in work.
  6. We are fine for this month an maybe longer but if it does carry on 6 months we’re pumped
  7. Slag all you want but it’s a dog eat dog world and I’ll do what we need to survive this. Only one of my staff at sales is forloughed the other one is continuing to work Doing property maintenance to keep him busy as he is a single guy living alone so as you can imagine 3 weeks of isolation with no friends or family nearby would be torture.
  8. Not ideal but in this situation of me and my staff are risking our health it’s a fair deal. We know all our cars drive perfectly. If they want to try out a car first of all then they can rent one from hertz
  9. I really don’t see the issue, we make them fully aware of this before they test drive. I am a technician to trade and all our stock is prepared to far higher standards than the majority of other dealers. We don’t usually operate this policy but it’s just to deter time wasters and dreamers. The genuine buyers have no issue with it.
  10. We get 50p a brake disc usually, think the guy gets a pretty good deal out of us with that considering most of the discs have are fairly big ones off hot hatches etc
  11. Ah do you take them to the scrap yourself? We get the slick back hair and brown shoe brigade into buy them aswell as any cats
  12. Its more just to make sure that the viewers aren’t time wasters and to force their hand of commitment. I hate test drives on a normal day as the way out stock layout is numerous cars need moved to get the car out for the test drive and then as a bit of a perfectionist I insist my guys rewash, dry and hoover the car afterwards. I don’t mind if we’re getting a sale but I feel like punching people when before driving they’ve been asked if there in a position to buy today, they say yes then at the end of the test drive have more to see
  13. Send your scrap guys down here Casper were only getting a fiver!