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  1. I had this last week Dave, a customer with a Bmw x35D brought it in for a juddering on gear change when full throttle from standstill and lack of boost from first turbo, Started with a 26 mile range after a few attempts to replicate the fault i was down to a zero range. It infuriates me, it’s not the having to put fuel in it’s the time it takes to do so, ten minute drive then ten minutes drive back and ten minutes to wait in the que as it’s an m&s garage so always people doing their weekly shop. I feel like adding .5 hours labour to their bill for my inconvenience. x5 turned out to be a poor remap issue, reflashed it to original and it’s all good.
  2. A common one we get is I’m a cash buyer who the proceed to whip out a credit / debit card cash means fecking cash!
  3. I only charge an admin fee if the customer is bringing there own finance Company to the table as im having to waste time doing paperwork for no finance commissions
  4. If the range is above 5 miles there’s too much in it but I’m a tight Scottish cun.......
  5. If it’s too good to be true then it usually is.
  6. We will do anywhere mate, been as far down as village called shitterton before Will always aim to have it down to you within a week.
  7. I really want this car, I don’t want to leave a deposit but can you keep it for me till Christmas?
  8. It’s kind of 6 and half a dozen our bigger truck takes 5\6 cars so if it’s a full load it’s cheaper but that run in the big truck is 2 days due to driver hours and being limited to 56mph, but if it’s just one then we have a single car beavertail which is tacho exempt as it’s under 3.5ton so it can do the same run within 24 hours and isn’t speed restricted. Hopefully going to add a bigger variety of trucks to the fleet as we build our transport side, it’s a fairly new venture for us which we just started to keep our own costs down.
  9. If anyone needs any stuff delivered from scotland then give me a shout
  10. Used to be a Renault specialist in Paisley I used to use years back but I can’t even mind the name of them.
  11. MarkTVS


    I deal with majority of warranty companies through the workshop, I think the Rac seem to be the least hassle.
  12. Do you make plates for everything David? Do you mind me asking how much it’s costing you a plate? thanks
  13. I’ve emailed twice asking why I haven’t been put on a black card yet and both have been ignored
  14. Crossing the line maybe yet you still didn’t deny it so therefore I stand by my statement
  15. Clio trophy and e46 m3 that I had recently both attracted the worst type of perverts. If I had a tenner for every time someone asked if the boot floor had been reinforced I have 2 x Honda s2000’s due in stock soon I imagine this will be the same!
  16. Why are you still even here you cretin? You bored of spouting covid crap already?
  17. Or the number one rule don’t buy a shit spec 3 door manual s3, can’t give them away for love nor money
  18. Use COVID as an excuse to not let that happen, Explain that they can’t sit in multiple cars as they need to be Resanitised afterwards .
  19. Refund the full amount as you agreed surely? The car should already have been properly valeted so you can’t count that as an expense?
  20. If it’s anything like the Audi’s they are really bad for the Ariels but that mainly affects nav function
  21. I will fit customers own parts but I do warn them if the parts are wrong I will either order the correct parts and fit then or I shall build it back up till they have the correct parts and they’ll have to pay the labour for both times. I always find it funny when customers buy £7 brake pads and then are surprised that they squeak
  22. As above, perhaps try see if you can reset the parameters for throttle body?
  23. Is this all multi vendor stuff at BCA and what’s the difference between dealer sale 1, 2, 3 etc? Thanks Mark