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  1. Well I’ll sign up I’ll take anything if it’s free
  2. As above I have it, had it for years, been considering dropping it though but unsure! It’s cheap though!
  3. Been struggling to find one on BCA, looking for one for a customer, ideally a manual petrol 2007+ with less than 80k miles. If anyone has one that’s overage stock etc then let me know please
  4. I would say they are bombproof I love them mine has 165k I kick the shit out of it most days and it had only ever cost me general servicing and a starter motor, mine is mapped aswell so about 180bhp. Proved to be more reliable than my r8 when I had it.
  5. I’m sure many of you have seen this on BCA where it’s graded but no inspection report as it is over ten years old, but how do they work this? I have seen cars that are a few months off ten years going by their date of first registration?
  6. Thirded however after driving the c63 I do relish the drive of my a3 tdi when I’m skint!
  7. Are the daytime running lights not dual filament bulbs? For the sake of a few quid change the bulbs anyway and see if the problem goes away? Otherwise you could spent lots of time chasing non existent wiring issues.
  8. Mine are usually left on the shelf as I always forget to use them. The rare occasion I remember they sit on the dash and inside rear screen. Or if I’m driving something a bit hooky then I cable tie them over the originals. All above though is probably the opposite of how your actually meant to do things.
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    Mr Bob

    There newest google review from josh is quite amusing, he assumes the car had more than one owner as Arnold Clark don’t sell new vw’s which they do, also states that vw front wings are annadised I take it he means galvanised so they shouldn’t rust vw wings always rust That aside they do seem like a dodgy bunch. Buy cheap buy twice!
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    Mr Bob

    This page is for car dealers not consumers, good bye
  11. MarkTVS

    Mr Bob

    Bob who are you more to the point?
  12. Wire the fronts on to a separate button for a quick fix
  13. You really wouldn’t want to know what’s on their hard drive lol
  14. Cheap second hand box from Scrappies if it’s a cheap option
  15. £15? I can see what you mean you are extremely generous, do you have the details of the garage that does the tracking for £15? Might start using them myself.
  16. As above I hate them but have sold cars that at is saying 1000 overpriced etc.
  17. Yeah I couldn’t get rid of our 996 Turbo manual, lots of weird Porsche perverts but a very tough cookie to sell. I wouldn’t touch another one.
  18. Couldn’t perhaps the pipes at pump be on the wrong way?
  19. Could be as simple as corrosion inside the motor due to being submerged in water or could be more serious issues like a body control module but I’d get your mechanic to start with the easiest route first.
  20. Good news for people like us as it should scare people off private sales and push them towards reputable car dealers.
  21. Partly my fault also however for not proof reading the documents they sent through. I have sent an email of complaint though.