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  1. Thanks for the replies. Just thought it may be similar to finance commisions where there is no VAT. I thought about the comebacks however the car was under warranty or I wouldnt of entertained it!
  2. Not something I have done before so your help is appreciated. Just sold a vehicle for a friend of a friend. I have charged a fee for selling but my question is this fee vatable? Tia
  3. What do you all think to Autotrader Vehicle Checks?...I feel like they are giving the customer too much information. A few of my cars have shown up as still on finance even though they arent but that could put a prospective buyer off if that wrong information is easily accessible to them.
  4. I had the same thing happen to me. Went to the compound and paid whatever they told me to pay. A few months later received a court summons saying funds were outstanding. Learnt my lessons as it wasn't cheap!
  5. Had a meeting with clickdealer regarding their websites and their dealer management systems. Do any of you use them or have any feedback? Who do you all use for your websites and dms?