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  1. Anyone working with a good mechanic in the Farnham, Alton, Fleet (Hampshire) area? Would love to pass my business to a good problem solver! Lots of work available...!
  2. Sent a text out of courtesy to let Mr Prospect know Mr Prospect Rings again last night and today. “Yes Mr Prospect that BMW at £6995 you were trying all day to get a discount on over the phone has been sold to Mr Customer last night” “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!” I did of course sell for £6995, but I couldn’t help telling him I did a deal at £5400 Why do do they ask what it sold for?! Like they have some sort of right to know?!
  3. The car in question had 3/4 tank of diesel in the pictures.... often a sign!
  4. A first for me...! Anyone else had that issue before? Was told by the sales manager as if I was stupid; “you wouldn’t get to test drive the Bca ones” to which I replied that’s why I buy from DA so we can check they are what they are described as... Only an old Ford Focus from the Hampshire area but didn’t expect that and very suspicious of a car if they won’t let me drive it. Margins are tight - need to test drive surely?! not mentioned I can’t test drive on their advert either I walked away.... and know which garage to avoid now. I think I've bought over 150 cars through DA - never had that problem before!
  5. Sold for £4995 6 days after listing! I’m officially a nitro fan now...!
  6. I’ve only done 2 deals with Zuto.. never been charged. both in 2018...
  7. Evening all, I’ve recently moved house and yard where I was storing some 16-20 cars. if anyone is interested in taking over the place - let me know. Just south of Farnham, Surrey - VERY SECURE
  8. It’s arrived!!! 58 plate, 85k, 2.8 CRD SXT in Silver. Auto, rear camera, very tidy car actually, not a notable mark to mention. Full body colour bumpers, Full history to 81k in late 2017. autotrader puts the retail value at £5613 im in a farnham, Surrey... offers welcome
  9. Taken in PX today... I seem to be attracting the unique at he moment. 140k Miles, short MOT but seems to be in good working order... still packs a punch, in Silver and looking very respectable. Last owner since 2008. With a new ticket, what would you put the old girl up for?! I paid only £250 for her... just wondered if it’s my lucky day and I can expect a following?!
  10. Hold your horses lads - had a “something has come up and will be back in touch shortly” text. I’ll let you all know if I take this beast in, but I’m not holding my breath...
  11. Looks like I’m taking one in PX tomorrow... 58 plate, done 85k. subject to viewing and details - would anyone be interested in it?! It’s pretty much the complete opposite of what I like to stock
  12. Anyone else bought one and worked out well for them? noticed I spent £11k with movex last year...! £6k buys you a working truck and picking up half of those cars makes it a strong business case... i buy a lot off DA and BCA blackbushe (which is a pain to get to) of course my own time to get on with selling is important but I often wonder if fetching cars with one won’t take up that much time. interested to hear peoples thoughts and experiences....
  13. It’s a ghia with full leather! Yours for £1800 if you want it...!